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Accepted altos 1.7-1 (source amd64) into unstable

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2017 18:22:58 -0600
Source: altos
Binary: altos
Architecture: source amd64
Version: 1.7-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Bdale Garbee <>
Changed-By: Bdale Garbee <>
 altos      - Altus Metrum firmware and utilities
 altos (1.7-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Keith Packard ]
   * Fix release note html to remove xml bits
   * Update pdclib to version using arm-specific 'ar' program
   * altos/stmf0: Add USART support
   * altos/nucleo-32: Add basic support for STM32F042 Nucleo-32 board
   * altos/test: Fix tests
   * ao-bringup: Improve EasyMini turnon and test scripts
   * altos/stm: Make ao_usb_set_address static. Saves a bunch of text space
   * altos/arm: Align data so that gcc 5.4 doesn't do byte-accesses. Add -Wcast-align
   * Add first lisp bits
   * altos: Add lisp reader
   * altos/lisp: Change lisp objects to use ao_poly everywhere. Add const
   * altos/kernel: Make ao_cmd_readline public. Return char from ao_cmd_lex.
   * altos/stmf0: Add lisp to include directories
   * altos/lisp: add set/setq and ' in reader
   * altos/lisp: Separate out values from atoms
   * altos: Add lambda support to lisp
   * altos: Add lambdakey
   * altos/lisp: Start rewriting eval as state machine
   * altos/lisp: get builtin macros working again
   * altos/lisp: Change GC move API
   * altos/lisp: make sure stack->formals_last gets moved during GC
   * altos/lisp: more GC issues. add patom
   * altos/lisp: convert GC to non-recursive
   * altos/lambdakey-v1.0: Tweak memory allocations
   * altos/lisp: working on lexical scoping
   * altos/lisp: macros appear to work now
   * altos/lisp: Clean up OS integration bits, add defun
   * altos/lisp: add progn, while, read and eval
   * altos/lisp: use regular read-eval-print loop for make const
   * altos/lisp: Make read() return eof atom on end of file
   * altos/lisp: Improve lisp test program UI
   * altos/lisp: Deal with memory compation in the middle of operations
   * altos/lisp: Add towers of hanoi example
   * altos/lisp: add length, pack, unpack and flush
   * altos/lisp: Share mark function for mark and move
   * altos/lisp: Make ao_lisp_ref and ao_lisp_poly non-inline
   * altos/lisp: Make sure memmove only happens once per object. Other GC fixes
   * altos/lisp: Add save/restore infrastructure. Needs OS support to work.
   * altos/lisp: Add save/restore to ao_lisp_test
   * altos/lisp: Append a CRC to the saved image to validate on restore
   * altos/lambdakey: Get save/restore working
   * altos/stmf0: Add a comment about the requirements for using ao_flash_stm
   * altos/lisp: Change GC to do moves in batches of 32
   * altos/lisp: Simplify GC a bit by only marking the head of each object
   * altos/lisp: Cache freed cons and stack items
   * altos/lisp: Show number of collect calls in ao_lisp_test
   * altos/lisp: Improve hanoi demo
   * altos/lisp: Add license to hanoi demo
   * altos/lisp: Evaluate macros once, then smash them into place
   * altos/lisp: Get lambdakey and nucleo-32 building again
   * altos/lisp: remove duplicate 'length' lambda from hanoi example
   * altos/lisp: re-use small frames
   * altos/lisp: Do better checking for un-evaluated macros in ROM
   * altos/lisp: Allow macro/nlambda/lexpr to have multiple args
   * altos/lisp: Take advantage of multi-arg macros. Add more ROM funcs
   * altos/lambdakey: Strip out unused code
   * altos/lisp: remove nth from hanoi.lisp
   * altos/lisp: Make hanoi example output a bit prettier
   * altos/lisp: Add incremental collection
   * altos/lisp: Optimize chunk searching in collect
   * altos/lisp: Allow empty defun bodies
   * altos/test: Disable position independent executables
   * altos/lisp: binary search for chunk in collect
   * altos/lisp: Eliminate compiler warning about array bounds at -O3
   * altos/lisp: Clean up hanoi.lisp comments.
   * altos/lisp: Remove some stale frame debugging checks
   * altos/lisp: Fix error atom name in ao_lisp_length
   * altos/lisp: Dump globals on error
   * altos/lisp: Fix uninitialized values in ao_lisp_make_const
   * altos/lisp: Compile ao_lisp_make_const -no-pie
   * altos/lisp: Make lambda, cond and while all have implicit progns
   * altos/lisp: Take advantage of implicit progn in ROM code
   * altos/lisp: have 'while' return the last body value
   * altos/lisp: Take advantage of implicit progns in hanoi demo
   * altos/lisp: Add continuations
   * altos/lisp: Make DBG settings global
   * altos/lisp: Use poly stashes for stacks
   * altos/lisp: Empty lambda body is not an error
   * altos/lisp: bounds check in move_map plus binary search
   * altos/lisp: Build new ao_lisp_stack.c into test and lambdakey
   * altos/lisp: Sort frames by atom
   * altos/lisp: Add builtin 'collect'
   * altos/lisp: Share binary search for memory chunk between mark and move
   * altos/lisp: Cleanup some DBG defines
   * altos/lisp: Include memory stats for test program
   * altos/lisp: Move stack recursion check after null check
   * altos/lisp: Clean up hanoi.lisp demo a bit
   * altos/lisp: Tell compiler that the two lisp memory pools are aligned
   * altos/lisp: Add casts to keep the latest GCC from whinging
   * altos/lisp: Start adding scheme symbols
   * altos/chaoskey: use both halves of the CRC
   * altos: Eliminate printf format warning with long vs int
   * ao-bringup: Allow serial number on turnon_easymega cmdline
   * ao-bringup: test-chaoskey needs to use the SerialNumber dmesg line
   * altos/stmf0: Allow apps to leave interrupt vectors at 0
   * altos/stmf0: Complain if the SPI configuration isn't complete
   * altos/stmf0: Allow projects to not use the USB boot loader
   * altos: Allow applications to define LEDs for ao_report.c
   * altos: Require SPI speed to be declared for cc1200
   * altos/stmf0: Add adc and beep support for TeleMini v3.0
   * altos: Initial TeleMini v3.0 code
   * altos/telemini-v3.0: Update to second prototype version
   * altos/telemini-v3.0: Finish initial turn-on
   * altos: Split out TeleMini v3 log/telem labeling
   * altos/telemini-v3.0: Swap main and apogee sense pins.
   * altoslib: Add TeleMini v3 support
   * altos/cc1111: Remove unneeded initialization in ao_timer.c
   * ao-tools/ao-usbload: Pad image with 0xff instead of random bits
   * altos: Don't wait while idle if trying to minimize interrupt latency
   * altos/stm: Interrupt priority is in the upper bits of the priority mask
   * altos/stm: Allow use basepri instead of primask for masking interrupts
   * altos/avr: Avoid warning about unused args in stdio_put and stdio_get
   * altos: Allow for console to be used for stdio
   * altos/stm: Allow DMA channels to be hijacked by other code
   * altos/stm: Make i2c code handle PCLK1 of 24MHz
   * altos/stm: Add nvic priority register fields. Add more TIM234 defines.
   * altos: Add bitmap drawing code
   * altos: Add VGA driver for STM32L processors
   * altos: Add PS/2 keyboard driver
   * altos: Add console driver using VGA and PS/2
   * altos/stm: Add draw and lisp to make search paths.
   * altos: Add stm-vga demo project
   * altos/telemini-v3.0: Add beeper defines needed for more general beeper code
   * altos/stmf0: Support tim1 beeper channel other than 3
   * altos/stmf0: Support timer 2/3 for the beeper
   * altos/lisp: Not quite ready to start making it look like scheme yet
   * altos/nucleo-32: Update lisp files, add beeper support
   * Add initial TeleMini v3 docs
   * telemini outline svg had wrong version number
   * ao-tools/ao-flash-lpc: Adapt to current openocd LPC support
   * ao-tools/ao-flash-stm: Use openocd instead of st-utils
   * doc: Rename telemini doc file from to
   * cortexelf-v1: Add ps/2 and vga with graphics
   * cortexelf-v1: Fix clock to drive VGA at 640/480. Add sdcard, remove others
   * cortexelf-v1: Hook up serial consoles for debugging
   * cortexelf-v1: Use new memory map to access all flash and ram. Add fat.
   * cortexelf: Add lisp interpreter
   * stm: Use common flash wait loop instead of inlining
   * lisp: Fix up lisp build so projects can get ao_lisp_const.h built as needed
   * cortexelf-v1: Add serialblather command.
   * cortexelf-v1: Add buttons
   * altos: Add AS1107 LED display driver
   * cortexelf-v1: Hook up AS1107 in test mode
   * altos: add button matrix driver
   * altos: Allow buttons to be high when pressed rather than low
   * cortexelf-v1: Hook up hex keypad using matrix input driver
   * cortexelf-v1: Add bit flipping array generator
   * cortexelf-v1: doodling with 1802 bits
   * cortexelf-v1: Make bit flipping array constant
   * stm: Add a few more GPIO functions to make dealing with the 1802 easier
   * cortexelf-v1: Add pin definitions for 1802 connections
   * altos: Define CC115L spi speed in each product
   * telegps-v0.1: Hack up for SDCARD debugging
   * altos: Disable FAT commands unless requested
   * altos: Allow programs to enable SDCARD debugging if desired
   * stm: Add more mask-based GPIO controls
   * cortexelf-v1: More 1802 noodling
   * ao-elftohex: Add conditions for skipping ELF sections
   * altos: Place AS1107 in 'normal' mode at end of init sequence
   * altos: Drive row low instead of high in matrix driver
   * altos: Document a few more SPI mode bits in VGA driver
   * altos: Escape lisp REP loop with () input
   * altos: Use MP switch in cortexelf boot loader for force loader mode
   * cortexelf-v1: Bump SPI pin speed to 40MHz to for sdcard. Fix VGA DMA.
   * cortexelf-v1: Initialize key matrix code
   * altos/telegps: Inherit LDFLAGS from lpc make specification
   * cortexelf-v1: Fetch data at TPB rising when MWR or MRD are low
   * altos/stmf0: Split up rom load in altos.ld to make linker happy
   * telegps-v2.0: Remove fec_tx code and ADC logging.
   * altos/telefiretwo-v0.2: Add AO_CC1200_SPI_SPEED
   * altos/telebt-v3.0: Add LCO bits for testing
   * altos/telemini-v3.0: Update to production hardware
   * altos/telemini-v3.0: Add flash loader
   * ao-test-baro: Be more lax about altitude checks
   * altos/lpc: Fix up Makefile definitions
   * altos/lpc: Add (void *) cast to fix alignment warning
   * altos/telemini-v3.0: Remove vestiges of the pre-USB code
   * altos/lpc,altos/stmf0: Use -n flag to work around link editor issue
   * alots/stmf0: Fix vpath entry for AES directory
   * doc: Update TeleMini v3 photos to production unit
   * Replace turnon_telemini with v3 version. Add test-teleminiv3
   * altos/lpc: Really fix aes entry in lpc vpath
   * doc: Finish updates for v1.7
   * altos/stmf0: Pull beeper pin low when beeper is off
   * altoslib: Add TeleFireTwo eeprom support
   * altos: Move old AO_LAUNCH defines to cc1111/ao_launch.h
   * doc: Errors in the TeleMini v3.0 updates found by Bdale
   * altos/ao_pad.c: Use #if HAS_LOG instead of #ifdef HAS_LOG
   * altoslib: renamed AltosSensorTMini2, but didn't update AltosIdleFetch
   * Bump to version 1.7
   [ Bdale Garbee ]
   * augment TeleDongle turn on script to support serial number on command line
   * stop using /usr/share for binaries in remaining turnon scripts
   * use elf, not ihx
   * first rough cut at skeleton of code for pnpservo .. altos boots and runs
   * initial skeleton of CortexELF support
   * makefiles too
   * capture pnpservo makefiles too
   * initial cut at telegps-v2.0 firmware
   * copy telefiretwo-v0.2 to start firmware for v1.0
   * builds, loads, runs, not very useful yet
   * need top level Makefile too
   * add new ADC channels for telefiretwo
   * fix TeleFireTwo product name in ao-list output
   * enable spi flash on telefiretwo
   * fleshing out logging for telefiretwo
   * a stab at turning on rudimentary logging for telefiretwo
   * cobble up a command to toggle logging on/off on TeleFireTwo
   * enable logging support in telefiretwo
   * add static test start and stop commands to radio protocol for telefiretwo
   * eliminate spurious close braces
   * implement static test start and stop protocol for telefiretwo+telebt
   * allow multiple tests to be logged on telefiretwo without rebooting
   * update copyright year in docs
   * update ChangeLog for 1.7 release
   [ Richard Hughes ]
   * altos/chaoskey: Add a metainfo for the ChaosKey
 f7b88e1456859b5a60dbd648c268618582471cf7 2184 altos_1.7-1.dsc
 6ed9819a2f28dc7dbc2024a9e8bcd08bd338809f 34384437 altos_1.7.orig.tar.gz
 8fd30e77adef1e6cf7453b3c6c2dbd11ad90b902 62036 altos_1.7-1.debian.tar.xz
 53a29e31c32d641468b64db3ab3ed02862a81f56 267604 altos-dbgsym_1.7-1_amd64.deb
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 e9bcc5180125e7dc439329a61076b360c1f55d00 24003826 altos_1.7-1_amd64.deb
 d01dd05ba0982e3e32a66de0d693fd3ee775aea921ef954c2555bf075ca3364c 2184 altos_1.7-1.dsc
 40588186be404f98a630a0ea216c8d628eb74df783953778e3779ed6b508d683 34384437 altos_1.7.orig.tar.gz
 8bc1c191d1a1eabc8413e96ec3b021ee52be962077f80c289c4c2a46ca3f04b8 62036 altos_1.7-1.debian.tar.xz
 37b29c6e01a759e7ae868a7e3155e5f6df47bf6bf9b2c675a45ccaa1312fdca5 267604 altos-dbgsym_1.7-1_amd64.deb
 3ab860c9f360a4d9479d1a901e12c53ad0fdb0152494e63dc0228712c0e675cd 12700 altos_1.7-1_amd64.buildinfo
 ed8a9743a34144302073b7c0afbc372ac7795611759ada1830616cbf0681c793 24003826 altos_1.7-1_amd64.deb
 b3a875d6e583e6df343f845b17e43cdf 2184 electronics optional altos_1.7-1.dsc
 8fe01749c56455f13d73328e87bde967 34384437 electronics optional altos_1.7.orig.tar.gz
 b8d95233396523e7b753d4526d991f5f 62036 electronics optional altos_1.7-1.debian.tar.xz
 361699848dd1783394b799dd88de7c3e 267604 debug extra altos-dbgsym_1.7-1_amd64.deb
 910ed953cdda9ac7a383e09a422ce8b2 12700 electronics optional altos_1.7-1_amd64.buildinfo
 28aa71ab027882894737b9b8a1a91cd7 24003826 electronics optional altos_1.7-1_amd64.deb