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Accepted altos 1.8-1 (source amd64) into unstable

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2017 01:00:11 -0400
Source: altos
Binary: altos
Architecture: source amd64
Version: 1.8-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Bdale Garbee <>
Changed-By: Bdale Garbee <>
 altos      - Altus Metrum firmware and utilities
 altos (1.8-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Bdale Garbee ]
   * two more places where telemini-outline.pdf filename needs to be updated
   * add telemini-v3.0 to list of binaries we stach in LLC repo for production use
   * telebt-v4.0: initial creation of firmware for new product, no BT yet
   * telebt-v4.0: add ao_send_packet
   * telebt-v4.0: don't need the USB pin remapping flag
   * telebt-v4.0: turn off pin remapping in the flash loader, too
   * telebt-v4.0: slow down SPI speed to radio chip
   * telegps-v2.0: slow down radio chip spi speed
   * telebt-v4.0: make git ignore products of build
   * ao-tools/ao-makebin: have git ignore built object
   * telemini-v3.0: make git ignore build products
   * altos/telebt-v4.0 Set CPU clock to 48Mhz instead of 96Mhz
   * telegps: use new eeprom reading code
   * have git ignore ao-bringup/cal_values
   * telefiretwo: don't try to record pre-burn sensor values in FLIGHT record
   * initial tests made using Terry's stand with a 2500psi sensor
   * have AltosGraph use new AltosPressure to get imperial_units working
   * re-brand current telefiretwo product as telefireone
   * altoslib: include TimeSeries code in build
   * add thrust as a graphable time series type
   * rename existing turnon_telebt script, create a new one for v4.0
   * clean up telefireone name references
   * ignore more build products in telebt-v4.0 tree
   * add TeleBT v4.0 to the list of stuff we build
   * remove libssl-dev build dependency, only used by test code we don't build
   * update docinfo file for 1.8 release
   * releasing 1.8
   [ Keith Packard ]
   * altos/stmf0: Not all timer configurations use AF2
   * altos/telemini-v3.0: Fix license
   * altos/easymini-v2.0: Add EasyMini v2.0
   * altos: Add telemini-v3.0 and easymini-v2.0 to default altos build
   * altosui: Ship telemini v3.0 firmware
   * altos/ao-bringup: Switch turnon_easymini to v2.0
   * altosui: Add TeleMini v3.0 and EasyMini v2.0 firmware to windows package
   * Update releasing to add more firmware bits
   * Ignore ao_lisp_test
   * altos/telegps-v2.0: git ignore make results
   * altos/nucleo-32: Add lisp save/restore
   * ao-bringup: make turnon_telemini search for ao_usbload on $PATH
   * Fake thrust data as accel for now
   * micropeak: Add MicroPeak V2 to the download code
   * altos/ms5607: Allow applications to not use the normal data ring and thread
   * altos: Adapt micro log to MicroPeak V3
   * altos: Add 100ms constants for baro Kalman filter
   * altos: Add header file for ao_report_micro.c
   * altos/micropeak: Use existing ao_ms5607_current variable
   * altos/micropeak: Update ao_micropeak.h for MicroPeak v2
   * altos/stmf0: Compute serial baud rate registers at runtime
   * altos/stmf0: Make sure systick is off before programming
   * altos/stmf0: Fix HSI clock rate.
   * altos/stmf0: Add support for HSI clocked applications
   * altos/micropeak-v2.0: Add initial MicroPeak v2 support
   * altos: Build MicroPeak-v2.0 by default
   * src/kernel: Add GPS lock blink LED to tracker code
   * altos/kernel: Allow TeleGPS v2 to scale battery in telem
   * altos/telegps-v2.0: Adjust LED config
   * altos/telegps-v2.0: Set CPU clock to 48MHz instread of 96MHz
   * altos/telegps-v2.0: Battery ADC input is on PB1, not PA0
   * altos/telegps-v2.0: Remove some unneeded defines
   * altos/telegps-v2.0: GPS chip is connected to serial 2, not serial 1
   * altos/telegps-v2.0: CC1200 CS is PA1, not PA5.
   * altos/telegps-v2.0: Reorder initialization sequence
   * altos/stmf0: Add code to use SoC flash as storage
   * altos/telegps-v2.0: Disable external serial port to save ROM
   * altos: Make CDC ACM 'line coding' public
   * altos: Move 'ao_force_freq' to ao_config.c
   * altos/telemini-v3.0: Add 'recovery mode' on PA14 (pin 6 on dbg header)
   * altos/telemini-v3.0: Use dbg connector pin 5 for force bootloader
   * altoslib: Hide members from json by prefixing with __
   * altoslib: Add AltosForce and AltosPressure units
   * altoslib: Add Ms5607 constructor that just takes config_data
   * altoslib: Add empty constructor for AltosPyro for JSON
   * altoslib: Add set_config_data to AltosState
   * altoslib: Add new eeprom management code
   * altoslib: Compile AltosForce and AltosPressure
   * altoslib: Hack up AltosEepromFile to support new eeprom code
   * altosui: Use new eeprom reading code
   * altoslib: Save eeprom data in new .eeprom format
   * altoslib: Remove older eeprom handling code
   * altoslib: Another bit of altoslib for the old eeprom stuff
   * Use SDP to locate the service channel on Linux
   * altos: Add RN4678 Bluetooth module driver
   * altos/telebt-v4.0: Hook up RN4678 module
   * altoslib: Handle TeleBT v4.0 battery voltage
   * libaltos: Add support for TeleBT-v4.0 bluetooth channel change
   * altos/stmf: Fix up serial port flow control configuration bits
   * altos/ao_rn4678: Send '$$$' for new devices. Fix name setting code.
   * altoslib: Mark AltosConfigData fields as MISSING until set
   * altoslib: Set default log format to FULL until we learn different
   * altoslib: Set default accel cal for old TeleMetrum v1 files
   * altos/telefireone-v1.0: Fix confusing defines about config storage
   * ao-bringup: turnon_chaoskey: search for ao-usbload in PATH
   * altos/telebt-v4.0: Remove HAS_POLLCHAR
   * altos/telebt-v3.0: Add send_packet command
   * altoslib: Add initial time series functions
   * altosuilib: Add time series subclass with data for generating a plot
   * altoslib: Create new abstraction underneath AltosState for recording values
   * altosuilib: Start creating new graph interface that takes time series data
   * altosui: Hacks to plug into the new graph stuff
   * doc: Add telegps outline
   * altoslib: Don't store computed telemetry fields
   * altoslib: Do data analysis on raw values rather than AltosState
   * altosuilib: Adapt to AltosFlightSeries data processing plan
   * altosui: Adapt to AltosFlightSeries for data analysis
   * altoslib/altosuilib/altosui: More work towards using AltosFlightSeries for analysis
   * altoslib,altosuilib,altosui: Get stats and replay working again.
   * altoslib: Make AltosReplayReader start synchronously enough to track states
   * altosui: Remove --cat mode
   * altoslib: Make sure AltosFlightSeries is filled in before use
   * altoslib: Get KML export working again
   * altoslib: Preserve old GPS data during operation
   * altoslib: Trim stale bits of AltosState
   * altosui: Remove debug printf.
   * altoslib: Use cal data temp gps for telemetry data too
   * altosdroid: Deal with AltosState changes
   * telegps: Get telegps application working again
   * altoslib: Change how speed/accel are computed from pressure
   * altoslib: Allow for other tick sizes
   * altoslib: Publish boost_time and landed_time from AltosFlightStats
   * altoslib: Return AltosTimeValue from min/max funcs
   * altoslib: Provide consistent cal_data from idle and replay readers
   * altosuilib: Make AltosFlightStatsTable neater
   * altosuilib: Remove 'cal_data' param from AltosGraphNew constructor
   * micropeak: Use altoslib/altosuilib flight analysis bits
   * altoslib: Recover from a couple of API changes
   * altoslib: Extract a few more values from config to cal_data
   * altoslib: Create data file open helper in AltosLib
   * altoslib: Add constants for speed/accel filtering
   * altoslib: Adjust boost/landed time in flight series for display
   * altosuilib: Display product/firmware version in stats table
   * altoslib: Handle eeprom tick wrapping
   * altoslib: Use first pressure value if no ground pressure available
   * altoslib: Check for empty gps height series
   * altoslib: Ignore invalid accel cal values
   * altoslib: Remove debug printfs
   * altoslib: AltosFlightSeries ignore missing accel/pressure
   * altoslib: Clean up gps series logging
   * altoslib: Only compute state stats for recorded states
   * altosuilib: Set graph title to include product/serial/flight info
   * altoslib: Don't record 'pad' state in FlightSeries
   * altoslib: Reset transient AltosCalData values before processing data
   * altoslib: When no boost tick is found, just use first tick in file
   * altoslib: Don't record radio status values in flight series
   * altoslib: Add status back to AltosFlightSeries for CSV export
   * altoslib: Check for valid pad alt before computing GPS height series
   * altoslib,altosuilib: Remove stale source files
   * altoslib: Compute orientation from eeprom data files
   * altoslib: Compute 'vertical acceleration' for eeprom files
   * altoslib, altosuilib, altosui, telegps: Missing config values now MISSING
   * altos: Update sensor data atomically
   * altos: HMC5883 output order is X Z Y
   * altoslib: Adapt to Mag sensor value ordering changes
   * altoslib: Missing config values now AltosLib.MISSING, not zero or negative
   * altos: Create separate log format for EasyMini v2.0
   * altoslib: Handle EasyMini v2.0 ADC values
   * altoslib: Keep time series in AltosFlightSeries array sorted
   * altoslib: Fix labels in AltosIMU to match source data
   * altoslib: Hook up idle monitoring data again
   * altoslib: Flush igniter fire command
   * altoslib: Remove unused 'ground_rotation' from AltosState
   * altosui: Display current altitude in monitor idle Pad tab
   * altoslib: Initialize new imu/mag values. Remove stale imu/mag objects.
   * altosui, telegps, altosdroid: say ground distance, not total range
   * altoslib: Set time for TeleMini v1.0 eeprom analysing
   * altosuilib: Don't display pad, last location in flight stats without gps
   * altos: Add timeout to RN4678 status message code
   * altos/telebt-4.0: Add dependency on RN4678 header
   * altoslib: Remove old code
   * altoslib: Rename AltosEepromNew to AltosEeprom
   * altosuilib: Rename AltosUIGraphNew to AltosUIGraph
   * altosuilib: Rename AltosGraphNew to AltosGraph
   * altoslib,altosuilib: Bump library version numbers
   * altoslib: Make cal_data private in AltosDataListener
   * altos/rn4678: Add BLE support
   * altoslib: Clean up quaternion and rotation interfaces
   * altosdroid: cal_data is no longer public from AltosState
   * altoslib: Fix comments in AltosQuaternion and AltosRotation
   * altoslib: Deal with multiple motors in flight stats
   * altos/stmf0: Initialize UART RTS/CTS before turning it on
   * altos/telebt-v4.0: Use HW flow control to BT module
   * Set version to 1.7.1 for TeleBT firmware build
   * altoslib: fix adjustment of landed time
   * altos/test: Add EasyMini test mode
   * libaltos: Add btle test program
   * altosui: Adapt to flight stats time value changes
   * altosui: Rename AltosConfig -> AltosConfigFC
   * altos/test: Fix printf format for int64 arithmetic test
   * altos/test: Fix AES key format in test code
   * libaltos: Test both bluetooth and USB APIs with cjnitest
   * altoslib: Set time in state for KML output correctly
   * ao-bringup: Allow dfu_util to "fail" while flashing chaoskey
   * altosui, telegps: Add TeleBT v4.0 firmware to app packages
   * doc: Add 1.8 release notes
   * Bump version to 1.8
   * Note that telebt 4.0 files need to go to altusmetrumllc dir
   [ Miguel Benavidez ]
   * altoslib: Fix MS5607 raw data to pressure conversion function
 ec924ab3fafe632580ed13822b8e06fd3e7d56cf 2172 altos_1.8-1.dsc
 5db22c44a9db6bb2a10f32e7bf3ffdfc3e6604a1 34432284 altos_1.8.orig.tar.gz
 9c8d537cf67cab2f9757883fb5a3b5d4b3840502 64680 altos_1.8-1.debian.tar.xz
 503c4d3d6105dd90763cdd3b1bf9d447e477f268 267984 altos-dbgsym_1.8-1_amd64.deb
 efca2889cca8700f1eaa98c9262c39c05aaab793 12731 altos_1.8-1_amd64.buildinfo
 6658d50c11f937277dc18fc1c453101f9ee0dd9e 24086172 altos_1.8-1_amd64.deb
 eb29e8317ebb7992435813a18820a405872ce9b28823893faf8d1ec6aa629515 2172 altos_1.8-1.dsc
 7c84321616b47309b4b7b876bad6c73ed743004bc7ec042f5e9c626e85303d3e 34432284 altos_1.8.orig.tar.gz
 3f9bf2cd3bec68a0e46753c0654fc66fead92e17b64c04122769e78d280b9e8d 64680 altos_1.8-1.debian.tar.xz
 87deed27605f150bb27a958bb0b9e8738f72fe79cd5a2539972312ac51f908ec 267984 altos-dbgsym_1.8-1_amd64.deb
 eb1b09b2e02d2e6af11ac03abe27c46e954a357bd79989aac80553885ad54249 12731 altos_1.8-1_amd64.buildinfo
 9d3cca08d1c11e8c9389f8d19d0367246d863d2ccdd1746eb5609389b40e79d1 24086172 altos_1.8-1_amd64.deb
 71d7b49e4986c2f65ba8923fc5fae584 2172 electronics optional altos_1.8-1.dsc
 a7e4f759dc23b30f644e530b15d1e0cd 34432284 electronics optional altos_1.8.orig.tar.gz
 e602d16478741f81472c1e552fbabedd 64680 electronics optional altos_1.8-1.debian.tar.xz
 6b364663a839d7507517d1e9513963b7 267984 debug extra altos-dbgsym_1.8-1_amd64.deb
 8d6618faeaf1159153eb914fcc1f42b7 12731 electronics optional altos_1.8-1_amd64.buildinfo
 7c9906a345fb9ecbacc6b6bcee223cd5 24086172 electronics optional altos_1.8-1_amd64.deb