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Accepted altos 1.9.1-1 (source) into unstable

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2019 22:45:45 -0700
Source: altos
Architecture: source
Version: 1.9.1-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Bdale Garbee <>
Changed-By: Bdale Garbee <>
 altos (1.9.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Bdale Garbee ]
   * updates to Releasing based on 1.9 release process learnings
   * doc: add flash-force instructions for TeleBT v3.0
   * doc: add force-bootloader instructions for TeleGPS v1 and v2
   * altos: add support for telefireeight-v2.0
   * altos: add telefireeight-v2.0 to src/Makefile and to Releasing
   * Makefiles, too
   * altos: add initial support for TeleFireOne v2.0
   * altos: ADS124S0X driver compiles with initialization code maybe completed
   * altos: first cut of code for telefireone-v2.0
   * doc: new TeleLaunch system manual
   * doc: actually add the telelaunch files
   * altos: first cut at ADS124S0X driver interrupt handling
   * altos: fix ads124s0x data structure
   * altos: ADS124S0X driver compiles now
   * altos: snapshot - working on ads124x0x driver
   * altos: ads124s0x successfully reading data
   * add an explicit reference to Poron open-cell foam in Appendix A
   * ao-bringup: add a turnon_telefireeight script
   * TeleFireEight has simple green LEDs for continuity
   * doc: add more text to TeleLaunch manual, be less sloppy with dBm assertions
   * doc: add some text to TeleLaunch troubleshooting about SAFE/ARM on TeleFire
   * doc: add some text about cross-bank drag race safe/arm to TeleLaunch manual
   * altosui: add monitor idle support for TeleMetrum v3
   * altosui: add TeleMetrum v3 to delivered firmware list
   * altosuilib: TeleMetrum v3, like v2, doesn't use flash for config
   * ao-bringup: add production test support for TeleMetrum v3.0
   * start the process of releasing 1.9.1
   * update release date in all documents
   * update ChangeLog for 1.9.1 release
   [ Keith Packard ]
   * doc: Update all docs to 1.9. Note this in doc/RELNOTES
   * ao-tools: Add lots of compiler warning flags to ao-tools build
   * ao-tools: Fix warnings in ao-tools
   * ao-tools/ao-load: Return status from 'rewrite'
   * ao-tools/ao-cal-accel: Initialize byte count var 'l'
   * ao-tools/ao-telem: Print out 'log_max' value. Clean up compiler warnings.
   * Remove ao-chaosread
   * doc: Fix typo in TeleBT v3 flash-force instructions
   * altos: Delete unused config bits for telefireeight-v2.0. Add Makefile
   * altos/telefireeight-v2.0: Add flash loader Makefile
   * Use strip-nondeterminism to fix JAR timestamps
   * altos: Fix spelling of stm_dma_ch4_5_6_isr
   * altos/stm: Note that ao_i2c_recv_dma_isr isn't actually used
   * altos: Mark local functions 'static'
   * altos: Declare all public functions in header files
   * altos: Add 'void' to function declarations with no params.
   * altos: Stop doing pointer arith on void *
   * altos: Remove unused ao_adc_get from ao_adc_stm.c
   * altos: Declare task stack as union of uint8_t and uint32_t
   * altos: Add a pile more compiler warnings
   * stm: Expose LCD font API in ao_lcd_font.h
   * ao-bringup: chaosread is no longer part of altos
   * ao-tools/ao-dump-up: Document --wait flag
   * altos/stm-demo: Make this build again after various API and CFLAGS changes
   * altos: Add -Wshadow to CFLAGS
   * altos/attiny: Mark 'mode' param to ao_exti_setup_port as used
   * altos: Move common build definitions to src/Makefile.defs
   * altos: Remove AO_LOG_STATE from ao_log_telefiretwo
   * altos/telefireone-v1.0: Doesn't have a beeper
   * altos/telefireone-v1.0: Clean up Makefile
   * altos/telefireone-v1.0: Turn off USE_INTERNAL_FLASH
   * altos/telefireone-v1.0: Set AO_LOG_FORMAT
   * altos/telefireone-v1.0: Set various ADC values
   * altos/telefireone-v1.0: Track ao_led_init API change
   * altos: Build telefireone-v1.0 by default
   * altos/telefireone-v2.0: Remove build of ao_product.h from Makefile
   * altos: Fix ISR declarations to make them non-weak
   * altos: Allow applications to override newlib printf selection
   * altos: Fix several mis-specified time types
   * altos: Change default time type to 32-bits
   * altos: add ao_time_ns API
   * doc: A few minor edits to telelaunch docs
   * altos/drivers/ao_led.c: Declare LED port as void * to allow any SoC to use this code
   * altos: ARM ABI requires 8-byte aligned stack
   * altos/stm32f4: Add -mfloat-abi=hard compile option
   * altos/stm32f4: Need to read-back register after clock enable
   * altos/stm32f4: Wrong value for CK48MSEL_PLL_Q
   * altos/stm32f4: Working on USB
   * altos/stm32f4-disco: Remove scheme
   * doc: Document LEDs on TeleGPS devices
   * doc: Make sure all 'code' examples are in DejaVu Sans Mono
   * altos: Use ao_data_accel_invert when changing orientation value
   * altoslib: Fetch correct mag along data for EasyMega v2
   * altoslib: Correct monitor idle IMU data for EasyMega v2
   * altos/lambdakey-v1.0: Fix obvious build errors
   * altos: Work on MAX6691 driver
   * altos: get ao_max6691 driver working
   * altos/telefireone-v2.0: Definitions needed for MAX6691 driver
   * altos: Add MAX6691 and ADS131A0X data to ring if present
   * altos: Change MAX6691 driver to run its own thread
   * altos/telefireone-v2.0: Include MAX6691 data in ring
   * altos: Add preliminary TeleStatic v3.0 code
   * Add TeleStatic-v3.0 makefiles
   * altos: Directly compute radio tuning values from frequency
   * doc: Describe what sunlight does to MicroPeak and how to protect it
   * altosui: Ship EasyMini v2.0 firwmare
   * doc: Say 'thousands of feet' instead of '3000-4000 feet'
   * altos: Support ao_ms5607_dump when no ms5607 task
   * altos/micropeak-v2.0: Don't run flight code when plugged in
   * altos/micropeak-v2.0: Wait for the power supply to stabilize before measuring
   * altos/micropeak-v2.0: Fix LED blinking sequence at power-on
   * altos/micropeak-v2.0: Go into standby mode after landing
   * altoslib: Always create an ordered record set for eeprom files
   * altosui/telegps: Display error message when attempting to graph unknown files
   * altos/micropeak-v2.0: expose log and config commands over USB
   * altoslib: Add support for MicroPeak v2 eeprom format
   * altos: Don't dump MS5607 eeprom in 'B' command
   * altos/micropeak-v2: Erase log space at end of BOOST_DELAY
   * altos/micropeak-v2: Correct AO_LOG_ID value
   * altos/micropeak-v2: Update .gitignore
   * ao-tools: Change ao-eeprom into eeprom analysis tool
   * altos: Allow ms5607 driver to either set ao_sensor_errors or panic
   * ao-tools/ao-telem: Fix man page and usage to match code
   * ao-tools/lib: Add atmosphere model
   * ao-tools/ao-eeprom: Add altitude data for baro values
   * altosuilib: Don't crash when flashing an unknown device
   * icon: Add altosdroid-specific icon
   * altos/stmf0: Leave power interface disabled until needed
   * altos/stmf0: Add 'ao_serial_shutdown'
   * altos/stmf0: Allow SPI to be powered down when idle if desired
   * altos/micropeak-v2.0: Reduce power usage
   * altos: Record all failed sensors and report status at power up
   * ao-tools/ao-eeprom: Add support for TeleFireTwo
   * altoslib: Stop using deprecated Java functionality
   * Use discovered java path for compiler and jni include files
   * altosdroid: Hack up build to 'work' for now
   * altosui: Fix path to easymini-v2.0 ihx file
   * altosui: Make it possible to disable APRS
   * altos: Use fast timer for buttons instead of edge-triggered ISR
   * debian: Add libjson-c4 dependency
   * Add new altosdroid icon
   * icon: Ignore generated LED images
   * Add .gitignore files for new projects
   * libaltos: gitignore btletest
   * altosui: Display data for point nearest cursor in map view
   * altosui: Add speed and gps height to map display data
   * drivers: Use 'main_value' instead of 'main'
   * altos: Replace ao_xmem functions with direct mem calls
   * altos: Add bmx160 driver
   * altos: Integrate BMX160 into data code
   * altos: Add EasyMega v3.0 bits (not setup correctly yet)
   * altos: Add missing build files for avr/attiny devices
   * altosdroid: Update to run gradle-based build
   * altos: Switch all main() to return 'int'
   * altos: Rename 'log' in ao_log_fireone to 'ao_fireone_data'
   * doc: Describe new 'show nearest values' in map view
   * doc: Update for 1.9.1
   * altoslib: Don't crash when map flight data is missing
   * telegps: Get --graph mode working after recent changes
   * altos/telefire: Don't arm the box if the local arm switch is off
   * altos/test: Get test code working again after restructuring
   * altosdroid: Make altosdroid code more resilient to weird androidisms
   * altoslib: Don't bother adding FREETTS to CLASSPATH
   * altos: Relabel packet receive status line for TeleFire boxes
   * altos: Improve labeling of telefire receive packet information
   * altoslib: Fix setting of CLASSPATH
   * altoslib: Fix original telemetry sensor packet parsing
   * altos: TeleMetrum v3.0 has ADXL375 and Max-8Q
   * altoslib: Set up adxl375 for TM v3.0 in idle mode
   * altos: Send "metrum" telemetry packets for TeleMetrum v3.0 boards
   * ao-telem: Show all 24 bits of GPS altitude data
   * doc: Mention TeleMetrum v3.0 in release notes for 1.9.1
   * doc: Update docs to reference TeleMetrum v3 where appropriate
   * altoslib: Linker script changed -> the USB desc is two bytes off
   * altosuilib: Show the recovered product name in the Configure Rom dialog
   * altosuilib: Wait for Windows to get ready with new device
   * Release note about self-flashing on windows waiting for devices
   [ Mike Beattie ]
   * Remove ant build files
   * Move java source, and resources to new paths for gradle
   * Update files that reference new paths
   * Add gradle build files
   * buildinfo data comes from Makedefs now, not Version
   * Clean up duplication in
   * Remove versioning data from
   * Add FOREGROUND_SERVICE permission which is now required
   * Indentation cleanup
   * Commented out duplicate strings
   * Import cleanup
   * Convert to AndroidX from support_v4
   * Update persistent notification in TelemetryService
   * Update Google Maps API usage.
   * Update app to use Material Design Light theme
 3edaea0a7564e78be2e9454449872ff845386252 2269 altos_1.9.1-1.dsc
 d5d08fb98509771a2cb3e48078d0a6e822485786 38179232 altos_1.9.1.orig.tar.gz
 d9f9fdcb92934a4e03ad8de6da790fcd0b7656ec 75568 altos_1.9.1-1.debian.tar.xz
 115fe7becb291eef04189b36b31c3c3739139378 12318 altos_1.9.1-1_amd64.buildinfo
 9e0528c48a1185490554df09342bca4c2b2cdf145c53abec6a200352babcd7d4 2269 altos_1.9.1-1.dsc
 149d84f68171f67118b3a974861add0ef4cefee415fd3bc11036ae33c71e5cf6 38179232 altos_1.9.1.orig.tar.gz
 e771c21afdd8a32f17eaefb76307f36396900a452ba49b96af8ae542c8ff0606 75568 altos_1.9.1-1.debian.tar.xz
 36e6e4fc502aae9343a5a3d17dcb95861e879a703efe4f8c2f0cfa78db067423 12318 altos_1.9.1-1_amd64.buildinfo
 61a7e1abe85016580819f51186cee85e 2269 electronics optional altos_1.9.1-1.dsc
 33cd4fef967e2fef22a03a9cfae557a4 38179232 electronics optional altos_1.9.1.orig.tar.gz
 891bb78c73d753b95aaf5047d2e85051 75568 electronics optional altos_1.9.1-1.debian.tar.xz
 ba4b900ed7de39cdf6d51989e84f0e93 12318 electronics optional altos_1.9.1-1_amd64.buildinfo