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Accepted apt-cacher 1.7.8 (source all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 16:42:46 +0100
Source: apt-cacher
Binary: apt-cacher
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.7.8
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Mark Hindley <>
Changed-By: Mark Hindley <>
 apt-cacher - Caching proxy for Debian package and source files
Closes: 689955 691351 691942 696523 699938 708884
 apt-cacher (1.7.8) unstable; urgency=low
   * Use sed to insert version number when building, therefore no need
     to Build-Depend on perl any more.
   * Only write body to cached file on success (200).
   * Rework handling of If-Modified request response. Client errors also
     count as EXPIRED. Delete cached files in these circumstances (closes:
   * return_file() never returns a retry code, so don't test for it.
   * Update debian/control file description. Integrate experimental features
     (multi-distro, Debian Bugs SOAP and HTTPS CONNECT) as established.
   * Add Ubuntu 14.04 codename 'Trusty'.
 apt-cacher (1.7.7) unstable; urgency=low
   * Add Ubuntu 13.10 codename 'Saucy'.
   * Update to Standards version 3.9.4 (no changes).
   * Use /proc/self/fd directly rather than rely on /dev/fd which can be
     missing (closes: #699938).
   * In precache script, make example to generate fake package list
     architecture aware by using Dpkg::Arch. Add Suggests dependency on
     libdpkg-perl (closes: #696523).
   * Remove obsolete patch from patches/.
   * Use new function cache_size() to obtain cache usage for configuration
     item disk_usage_limit. Store cache size in shared mem and recaclulate
     on a sliding scale from 0-20 seconds (closes: #689955).
   * Don't use verbose _flock() in write_error_log() as it just makes
     debug logs too full.
   * Handle missing Last-Modified header: use the Date header to
     generate the If-Modified request.
   * Add Ubuntu 13.04 codename 'raring'.
   * Add Italian debconf translation. File from Beatrice Torracca
     (closes: #691351).
   * Added Japenese debconf translation from victory
     <> (closes: #691942).
 1a0b2a7c33c283b92a98a11557f4d9219f0fdec2 817 apt-cacher_1.7.8.dsc
 4eceb234f4728bee005616869f7c7903f3694a4b 105722 apt-cacher_1.7.8.tar.gz
 7997d529ec06c11e53a83371060bc3c5cb1a7401 105462 apt-cacher_1.7.8_all.deb
 532cf431560cb9c09e3cbf65b0b838dbf4bb4d8ac0386d0ae1f2955a60b4ae99 817 apt-cacher_1.7.8.dsc
 be89952c72272bac3bcff16d2cb4304b7d2fa969a30cb546770f5b8cc53f647e 105722 apt-cacher_1.7.8.tar.gz
 59efa78490a92df22005b7997e31d0125b86e4f874607c06342fbdcfec579f0b 105462 apt-cacher_1.7.8_all.deb
 8743b9414d5a478e9abf97d50704c6de 817 net optional apt-cacher_1.7.8.dsc
 7666c3a90b27484b3315f2c3e1ce0a83 105722 net optional apt-cacher_1.7.8.tar.gz
 b7f187ca68759469106b70e2604627dd 105462 net optional apt-cacher_1.7.8_all.deb

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