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The Package Tracking System lets you follow almost everything related to the life of a package. It's of interest for co-maintainers, advanced users, QA members, ...

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To learn everything you need to know about the Package Tracking System, please read its documentation in the Debian Developers Reference.

Developer Information:
If you want to help out in the development of the PTS, or if you want to implement a nice new feature, please check this wiki page. It provides you some bits of information to get you started.
If you want to access PTS information from one of your programs have a look at its SOAP interface.
RDF representations of some Debian facts/meta-data are produced by the PTS. See more details on the RDF page.

Contact Information:
If you have questions or comments about the PTS, please contact the maintainers, or file a bug on the pseudo-package.

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