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Accepted debbugs 2.4 (all source)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 17:54:49 +0000
Source: debbugs
Binary: debbugs
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.4
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debbugs developers <>
Changed-By: Colin Watson <>
 debbugs    - The bug tracking system based on the active Debian BTS
Closes: 36813 78123 78688 86922 87176 93433 96164 113028 113514 121082 124537 146484 146745 152751
 debbugs (2.4) experimental; urgency=low
   * Updating the package with what's in CVS, even though this might
     completely break things for people who've been using the previous also
     broken package. <shrug> :) Upped the minor version since the changes
     are noticeable, and uploaded to experimental, just in case.
   * Applied speedup patch, that uses references, instead of copies.
     Thanks to Thomas Smith. Closes: #87176. [Adam]
   * Reverted some parts of the speedup patch because it breaks the API.
   * Bugs that are tagged fixed are now listed in a separate section in the
     web pages. Patch from Colin Watson. Closes: #86922. [Adam]
   * Added support for an additional Maintainers.override file, which is read
     after the normal one. This allows the normal one to be externally
     updated, but still have local overrides. [Adam]
   * Put <title> and </title> on the same line as the title since some lame
     browsers don't seem to like it otherwise. [Josip]
   * Include a mailto: URI in the header for a bug report. [Adam]
   * Added support for filtering on subject with include=subj:foo (exact
     match, case sensitive). [Anthony]
   * Added a missing http://, thanks to Julian Gilbey. [Anthony]
   * Use by-*.idx indices to speed up pkgreport.cgi. [Anthony]
   * Support "maint=" in pkgreport to give packages without a maintainer.
   * Updated Postfix documentation. [Darren]
   * Use two variables in order to reduce the amount of path hard-coding.
   * Added support for storing the files in a hashed directory (db-h), with
     the same hash layout as archive/. [Adam]
   * Added support for tracing of bug state changes. This date is in
     $gSpoolDir/debbugs.trace. It is locked (as debbugs.trace.lock) while
     accessed, and appended to. Currently, nothing uses this trace file and
     it isn't even cleaned up, which can be easily fixed with a simple cron
     job. [Adam]
   * Tell sendmail to queue outgoing mail for later delivery, instead of
     immediate delivery. [Adam]
   * Added a keywords header to outgoing email responses. [Adam]
   * Use Resent-From: if From: doesn't exist. [Adam]
   * Added appropriate Reply-To: lines for the ACK messages that could use
     them. [Josip]
   * Add $gUnknownMaintainerEmail to the list of maintainers to mail in case
     an package with no maintainer is referenced. [Adam]
   * processall locks 'incoming-cleaner' before starting, so we don't have
     multiple copies of it running at the same time. [Adam]
   * Sort bugs tagged 'pending' as 'pending upload', between 'forwarded' and
     'fixed'. [Adam]
   * Add support for searching by source package.  pkgreport.cgi takes src=,
     and both pkgreport.cgi and bugreport.cgi have enhanced HTML headers now.
   * Add support in the CGIs for:
     * 'raw' sorting. This does no grouping based on status or severity, and
       just lists bugs in number order.
     * reversing the order that bugs are displayed. This does not affect
       severity or status ordering.
     * inclusions/exclusions of status and severity. Also, support reverse
       sorting of the above.
   * Make it possible to ban people from control@bugs. [Anthony]
   * Don't lie about missing Subject:s being an RFC822 violation, because
     they aren't. [Anthony, Josip]
   * Added preliminary support for ###-request. [Adam]
   * Added preliminary fast indexing support. [Adam/Anthony (?)]
   * Added preliminary support for CC:ing <src>
   * Added preliminary cloning support. [Anthony]
   * Link to submitter's web page, patch from Matt Kraai. [Josip]
   * The autoconfig thing in the description is gone, closes: #124537.
   * Fix viewing archived bugs by source package, closes: #121082, #146484.
   * Depends: libmailtools-perl rather than mailtools, closes: #113028.
   * Add MIME support to process and service, and depend on libmime-perl as a
     result, closes: #36813. [Colin]
   * Trim Bug#12345: from the Subject:, not "Bug#12345: [", closes: #78123.
   * Be more careful about loop detection, closes: #113514. [Adam, Colin]
   * Relax the syntax for 'tags' slightly, since people seem to use it that
     way accidentally a lot, closes: #96164. [Colin]
   * Give better feedback from pkgreport.cgi when querying a non-existent
     package name, closes: #93433. [Colin]
   * Remove support for -fixed address from receive, since nothing else
     supports it. [Colin]
   * Prevent people from reading the first line of arbitrary files through
     bugreport.cgi, thanks to Max <>. [Colin]
   * Add working-for-me instructions for exim setup on non-dedicated sites,
     together with Chad Miller's suggestions, closes: #78688. [Colin]
   * Fix a few typos, closes: #146745, #152751.
   * Update the copyright file with the current list of maintainers and a
     pointer to ViewCVS.
   * Remove lynx-cfg, and use 'lynx -cfg=/dev/null' instead. [Colin]
   * Various other things, not worth mentioning here.
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 9a005b52d95a91caa44c838ea22d2dd8 106528 misc optional debbugs_2.4.tar.gz
 964090007a7897b4c544869e0842b711 82204 misc optional debbugs_2.4_all.deb

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Comment: Colin Watson <> -- Debian developer


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