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Accepted debbugs 2.6.0 (source all) into unstable

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Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2018 11:31:48 -0800
Source: debbugs
Binary: debbugs libdebbugs-perl debbugs-web debbugs-local
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.6.0
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debbugs developers <>
Changed-By: Don Armstrong <>
 debbugs    - bug tracking system based on the active Debian BTS
 debbugs-local - Run and maintains a local mirror of the Debian BTS
 debbugs-web - web scripts for the active Debian BTS
 libdebbugs-perl - modules used by the active Debian BTS
Closes: 49228 208130 412815 485697 539691 546383 584922 593804 609687 656371 662228 665001 670411 670456 670555 670556 670568 672432 686928 686940 686943 688109 688344 688345 688745 690408 691573 703300 717967 719205 721569 728034 762967 766354 767327 782740 785405 790716 798092 800287 820044 836613 856991 858671 861234 864725 871784 881903 890338 892060 892135
 debbugs (2.6.0) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Don Armstrong ]
   * Hack around elinks css bug (closes: #593804)
   * affects now appends packages by default (closes: #656371). Thanks to
     Andreas Beckmann and Julien Cristau.
   * Fix spacing in owner block (closes: #670411)
   * Fix double encoding issues (closes: #672432)
   * Fix encoding in cgi
   * Fix installation of templates (closes: #686928). Thanks to Mike
   * Only remove list headers if the message appears to have traversed a
     mailing list to get to us. (closes: #690408)
   * Fix lack of archive support in pkgindex.cgi.
   * Output notice to transcript when there is a malformed command.
     (closes: #691573). Thanks to Jonathan Nieder.
   * Fix failure to forcibly merge/merge when found/fixed is not qualified
     (closes: #670456). Thanks to Jonathan Nieder and Bernhard Schmidt.
   * Add libravatar support.
   * Fix double encoding of attachments (closes: #703300)
   * uri_escape e-mails in libravatar (closes: #728034). Thanks to Fabien
     Givors for pointing this out and providing a patch.
   * Fix title of $gBug (closes: #546383). Thanks to Jakub Wilk.
   * Support CVEs surrounded by parenthesis (closes: #662228). Thanks to
     Ari Pollak.
   * Add reply links to individual bug messages with headers (closes:
     #412815). Thanks to martin krafft, Paul Wise, and Julien Valroff.
   * Fix XSS in version.cgi, thanks to Vlad Constantin (Closes: #762967).
   * Add affects to bugreport.cgi package info header (Closes: #609687).
   * Stop URLs at &quot; too. Thanks to Vincent Lefevre (Closes: #766354).
   * Allow for more complicated selectors in user categories.
   * Support control at submit time. (Closes: #49228).
   * Add the limit command which constrains control@ (Closes: #208130).
   * Depend on libmime-tools-perl instead of libmime-perl. (Closes: #665001).
   * Fix SOAP module hack to work around Date/Time encoding which broke in
     newer versions of SOAP::Lite. (Closes: #785405)
   * Add patch to do singular/plural in error messages from Rafael.
     (Closes: #790716)
   * Fix (and test) setting summary/outlook in Control: messages (Closes:
   * Fix clone removing all other blocks instead of adding them (Closes:
     #820044). Thanks to James Clarke.
   * Use a supported version of debhelper and switch to dh $@ style rules
     (Closes: #800287)
   * debbugs-web now Breaks/Replaces debbugs (<< 2.4.2) (Closes: #717967)
   * Split source file properly (Closes: #858671). Thanks to James McCoy.
   * Prefix 'src:' to all source package names.
   * no longer sends Content-Type. Switch to verifying
     the content-type using libmagic instead (which we probably should have
     been doing from the beginning anyway). (Closes: #856991)
   * Reply sent messages (-forwarded and -done) are not informational messages.
     (Closes: #864725)
   * Pluralize singular tag and usertag in pseudoheaders (Closes: #861234).
     Thanks to James Clarke
   * Include link to the location of the debbugs source (Closes: #721569).
   * Add envelope_from configuration variable so sites can set a valid return
     path if the sendmail default is wrong. (Closes: #719205)
   * Fix links to merged and blocked bugs. (Closes: #539691)
   * Strip out Mail-Followup-To: (Closes: #798092)
   * Include references from the original message in replies. (Closes: #485697)
     Thanks to Julien Cristau
   * Use pass-through for rewrites of URLs to hide implementation (Closes:
     #871784) Thanks to Ridier 'OdyX' Raboud
   * Use foo <> instead of (foo) for From: (Closes:
     #881903). Thanks to Michael Stapelberg.
   * Add rel="canonical" links to bug pages (Closes: #890338). Thanks to Chris
   * Fix blocks/blockedby of archived bugs (Closes: #892060). Thanks to Laurent Bigonville.
   * Provide informative error message when unarchive fails because the bug is
     not archived. (Closes: #892135). Thanks to Dan Jacobson.
   * Update standards version to 4.1.3; add Testsuite, fix Homepage and git repos
     links, update priority.
   [ Niels Thykier ]
   * quitcgi() now returns 400/500 status codes instead of 200 (Closes: #584922)
   [Thanks to Arnout Engelen: ]
   * Add Homepage (closes: #670555).
   * Fix VCS in control (closes: #670556).
   * Link to blocked bugs (closes: #670568).
   [ Mike Gabriel ]
   * /debian/control:
     + Add ${misc:Depends} to Depends.
   * /examples/apache.conf:
     - Assure in apache.conf example that documentation html pages get loaded
       (closes: #686943).
     - Rewrite rule example: http://<webhost>/<nnn> -> show bug report for
       bug <nnn>.
     - Be more generic, comment out rewrite rule that directly redirects
       http://<debbugs-webhost>/ to
     - Extend examples/apache.conf, add directory rules. Esp. allow Indexes to be
       overridden in /var/lib/debbugs/www/db to allow mod_expires apache
       configuration options in .htaccess.
   * Load bugs.css file in documentation html pages.
   * Fix sani function in scripts/errorlib. Generate html entities correctly
     (prepend ampersand, append semicolon).
   * Fix pkgindex.cgi concerning several issues: load proper Perl modules,
     replace usage of src_url and pkg_url by package_links, use
     html_tail from templates, use count_bugs everywhere, load bugs.css,
     fix global variable usage in html header (closes: #686940).
   * Add empty $gBugSubscriptionDomain variable to config file template.
   * Remove mailing list markers of the form [<list-name>] from the subject
     line to avoid duplication (and more) of the bug number when replying to
     bug postings.
   * Update postfix section in Readme.mail (closes: #688109).
   * Provide gStrongList configuration option in config file to make
     a site admin aware of its existence (closes: #688345).
   * Make sure that mails to gSubscriptionDomain and gBugSubscriptionDomain
     are only sent out if the variables in config are defined and
     have a length < 0 (closes: #688344).
   * Use locale independent date format for mail processing and service mail
     generation (closes: #688745).
   * Fix spelling error in /debian/changelog.
   * Fix lintian issue: description-synopsis-starts-with-article.
   * Fix lintian issues: debian-rules-missing-recommended-target build-arch,
     debian-rules-missing-recommended-target build-indep.
   * Switch to debian/source/format: 3.0 (native).
   * Fix lintian issue: debbugs source: duplicate-in-relation-field in
     libdebbugs-perl depends: libtext-template-perl, libtext-template-perl.
   * Fix lintian issues: debbugs source:
     debian-rules-makemaker-prefix-is-deprecated line 44,
     debian-rules-makemaker-prefix-is-deprecated line 56.
   * Fix lintian issues: libdebbugs-perl: spelling-error-in-manpage for:
     + usr/share/man/man3/Debbugs::Recipients.3pm.gz
     + usr/share/man/man3/Debbugs::SOAP.3pm.gz
     + usr/share/man/man3/Debbugs::Status.3pm.gz
   * Raise Standards to 3.9.4 (after fixing several lintian issues).
   * Pass param bug=<NNN> to bugreport.html call in bugreport.cgi.
   [Frank Lichtenheld]
   * Fix broken link in changed forwarded-to address (closes: #782740)
   * Fix package links in reassigned message (closes: #767327)
 8c6595d9321b9134fd77b6cdca124c7465e5098c 2362 debbugs_2.6.0.dsc
 5b23a34b6fa006320b1d1bd4ab5a023995701543 250896 debbugs_2.6.0.tar.xz
 2c91b71069a42307bb3eacf536a57ef66d96b775 24000 debbugs-local_2.6.0_all.deb
 9be35213aba640f5633612481e79159ea560d293 58972 debbugs-web_2.6.0_all.deb
 68daca8ecb20c9f56fb81e78b653a4f42b6e4404 74700 debbugs_2.6.0_all.deb
 44d7b4466f04488b8584ae183a77e891dc6a8077 12802 debbugs_2.6.0_amd64.buildinfo
 6fd1b3f1c45c4cef2081cf25dc4e4f3116e42a6a 188976 libdebbugs-perl_2.6.0_all.deb
 24bf44d2440c2fe88a5cc8dae844a5b66ca4000c22d3187e0dca908d0e51a957 2362 debbugs_2.6.0.dsc
 df919d53d80dab04a58a0937f06cee20f6321e74ea944c9ac24746a02181b419 250896 debbugs_2.6.0.tar.xz
 18e8022ffb63c90ed3532b0c55b46c815c62ea26af885101214687e173bed056 24000 debbugs-local_2.6.0_all.deb
 b7a8dae7e103875916b57178fbdc2fff2b1969610ba6001732b996fb2133d552 58972 debbugs-web_2.6.0_all.deb
 b4f37c392508c0e5cd0ef912668b65c5dafad4f3d616e8b04f3cfa86a4776902 74700 debbugs_2.6.0_all.deb
 1a991ba758d5b82e3f7b2db980c5a16f2fd5de340159be33885340f372060be4 12802 debbugs_2.6.0_amd64.buildinfo
 9e1fd168e6e7a5a1494f24ceeb6db8a1ffebb23dba13c9b24a268dca3519b421 188976 libdebbugs-perl_2.6.0_all.deb
 e18937f80ff2065a40dd33e35af98f87 2362 misc optional debbugs_2.6.0.dsc
 85b97cc9602fb3be1b69486d2f883754 250896 misc optional debbugs_2.6.0.tar.xz
 e72c960d50cf4a77efe3bca5d6d0f65e 24000 misc optional debbugs-local_2.6.0_all.deb
 595d92ccd83e0bc816465adbb6df5d9a 58972 misc optional debbugs-web_2.6.0_all.deb
 ed5d971e75245c85d2409a99edf8dd88 74700 misc optional debbugs_2.6.0_all.deb
 53bd0fd82e1f6d8bc50f964c8ef6630c 12802 misc optional debbugs_2.6.0_amd64.buildinfo
 5306a50c52ac3c1de4f0d1c67ee0c820 188976 perl optional libdebbugs-perl_2.6.0_all.deb