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Accepted debhelper 11.3 (source) into unstable

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 20 May 2018 20:35:00 +0000
Source: debhelper
Binary: debhelper dh-systemd
Architecture: source
Version: 11.3
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debhelper Maintainers <>
Changed-By: Niels Thykier <>
 debhelper  - helper programs for debian/rules
 dh-systemd - debhelper add-on to handle systemd unit files - transitional pack
Closes: 491027 513521 568033 597105 597342 769840 776853 813686 816332 894510 895196 895286 896464 897026 897083 897569 897937 897949 898161 898347 899125
 debhelper (11.3) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Niels Thykier ]
   * Fix use of undefined variable in certain
     error conditions.
   * dh_makeshlibs: Support -VUpstream-Version and -VNone as
     alternative to passing -V or omitting -V respectively.
   * dh_makeshlibs: Make -VUpstream-Version the default in
     compat 12 when -V is omitted.  (Closes: #896464)
   * dh_makeshlibs: Correct handling of an explicit -V when
     a source builds multiple library packages and provides
     explicit shlibs files for a subset of them.  Previously,
     the -V option could have been ignored for some of the
     packages containing libraries.
   * Fall back to a regular mv(1) when rename fails
     with EXDEV (cross mount point moves).  This restores
     debhelper's ability to move files between mount points,
     which can happen in dh_builddeb has to correct the
     extension of a binary package built by dpkg-deb.
     Thanks to Evan Krall for the report.  (Closes: #897569)
   * dh_missing.1: Consistently mention that dh_missing
     defaults to --list-missing in compat 12.  Thanks to
     Robie Basak for spotting the contradicting documentation.
     (Closes: #898161)
   * dh_compress:  Avoid adding a duplicate ".gz" extension on
     a symlink if it already has it.   This can happen e.g. with
     dh_installman recompresses a manpage that was compressed and
     had a valid symlink to it.  Thanks to Andreas Hasenack for
     reporting the bug.  (Closes: LP: #1765851)
   * debian/control: Depend on dwz for dh_dwz.
   * dh_dwz: Generate a per-package multifile by default.  This
     feature can be disabled by --no-dwz-multifile.
   * dh: Run dh_dwz by default in compat 12.
   * dh_dwz: Remove warning about the dwz feature being experimental.
   * Ditto.
   * dh_installsystemd: Use the basename of the "tmpfiles" config
     files.  This makes "systemd-tmpfiles --create" search for it
     in both /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d and in /etc/tmpfiles.d.  With
     this change the system administrator can now override the
     "tmpfiles" config shipped by the package in
     /usr/libtmpfiles.d.  Thanks to Nick Groenen and Seyeong Kim
     for filing the bug.  (Closes: #894510)
   * dh_installinit: Ditto.
   * dh_installchangelogs: Look for changelog files installed by the
     upstream build system in the package build dir (i.e. d/<pkg>/
     and *not* debian/tmp!) and use them in preference to the one in the
     source package where available.  This avoids some cases of duplicated
     upstream changelogs.  Thanks to Evgeni Golov for the suggestion.
     (Closes: #513521)
   * dh_md5sums: Stop deleting empty md5sums files as dpkg (now) creates
     the empty file on install if absent.  Thanks to Rhonda D'Vine for
     suggesting the improvement.  (Closes: #776853)
   * Re-organise exports.
   * Retract "print_and_complex_doit"; the only potential
     consumer went with a different code snippet.
   * dh_installinitramfs: New tool to install initramfs hook scripts and
     handle related maintscripts.  Thanks to Evgeni Golov for the
     suggestion.  (Closes: #491027)
   * New sequence to enable dh_installinitramfs in
     compat 11 and earlier.
   * dh_installdirs: Add --(no-)create-in-sourcedir option to make
     dh_installdirs create directories in the source directory in addition
     in the package build directory.  Furthermore, dh_installdirs now
     accepts --sourcedir to overrule the default source directory (just
     like e.g. dh_install).  Thanks to Robert Luberda for the suggestion.
     (Closes: #816332)
   * Move code from to
     to make the latter independent of the former.  This makes it possible
     to load without debian/control being present.  Thanks
     to Andreas Tille for the bug report.  (Closes: #897026)
   * dh_installinit.1: Fix some incorrect markup in the documentation of
   * Revert the use of -O/-Oline for make, which helps
     debugging what commands time out on the buildds.  Thanks to
     Adrian Bunk for the report.  (Closes: #895196)
   * dh_testroot.1: Update R³ documentation to reflect the current
     implementation and not the initial draft.  Thanks to Jens Reyer
     for reporting the inconsistency.  (Closes: #899125)
   * d/changelog: Retroactively add Closes for LP bug #1766102 in 11.2
   * Correct control parser to permit zero or more leading
     space after the "Section" field (instead of "exactly one" space).
   * Deprecate the python-distutils build system
     and mark it as removed in compat 12.  Users are recommended to
     migrate to the third-party build system called "pybuild".  This
     deprecation implies that python3 (among other) will not be
     supported in the python-distutils build system.
     (Closes: #568033, #597105, #597342, #769840, #813686, #898347)
   * Remove warning for using "debhelper-compat"
   [ Dmitry Shachnev ]
   * Use ${DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE}-qmake wrapper for
     cross-compilation.  (Closes: #895286)
   [ Helmut Grohne ]
   * cmake: Pass CC/CXX environment variables down during native
     compilation as well. (Closes: #897083)
   [ Chris Lamb ]
   * dh_listpackages.1: Document that packages are listed in the
     order that they appear in debian/control.
     (Closes: #897949)
   [ Peter Pentchev ]
   * Dh_Lib: Permit leading and trailing whitespace around the
     debhelper-compat dependency when it is the first or the last
     relation listed.  (Closes: #897937)
   [ Jakub Wilk ]
   * dh_usrlocal: Fix invalid POD markup.
 c5d56030dfc68a314ff93b1442590be85a92eb1f 1681 debhelper_11.3.dsc
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