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Accepted debian-faq 4.0 (source all)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 14:21:53 +0100
Source: debian-faq
Binary: debian-faq debian-faq-de debian-faq-fr debian-faq-it debian-faq-zh-cn
Architecture: source all
Version: 4.0
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a <>
Changed-By: Joost van Baal <>
 debian-faq - The Debian FAQ
 debian-faq-de - The Debian FAQ, in German
 debian-faq-fr - The Debian FAQ, in French
 debian-faq-it - The Debian FAQ, in Italian
 debian-faq-zh-cn - The Debian FAQ, in Chinese
Closes: 443472 461492 473108 473998
 debian-faq (4.0) unstable; urgency=low
   * The Debian FAQ is now maintained using SVN (no longer using CVS.)
   [ Changes by Joost van Baal ]
   * The Debian FAQ's debian/ packaging stuff is now maintained using a
     revision control system: SVN on Alioth.
     - debian/control:  Add Vcs-* headers.
   * This package no longer is called doc-debian, but debian-faq; it contains
     the Debian GNU/Linux FAQ only.  See doc-debian's debian/changelog for
     the history of the Debian GNU/Linux FAQ. (Closes: #473998)
     - debian/rules: remove stuff referring to constitution or social-contract.
     - debian/{prerm,postinst}: remove stuff referring to reporting-bugs,
       manifesto, mailing-lists or social-contract.
     - debian/control: package is now called debian-faq, not doc-debian.  Rewrote
       package description.  Add Conflicts: doc-debian <= 3.1.5.
     - debian/copyright: remove license conditions of non-FAQ documents.
   * debian/control: add Homepage header.
   * debian/control: add myself to Uploaders, after ack from jfs.
   * debian/rules: faq no longer is in FAQ/, but in .: adjust build rules.
   * debian/doc-base: imported from doc-debian-3.1.5/doc-base/debian-faq.
     updated list of authors.
   * debian/control: Bump Standards-Version from to 3.7.3 (no changes
   * Create new binary Debian packages debian-faq-de, debian-faq-fr,
     debian-faq-it, debian-faq-zh-cn for translations which are somewhat up to
     date and not yet available as Debian packages.  Use debhelper's dh_install
     to deal with these multiple packages: we now build-depend upon debhelper.
     When at it, use dh_installdeb, dh_gencontrol, dh_md5sums and dh_builddeb
     - debian/{rules,control}: install de, fr, it and zh_CN translations too.
     - debian/compat: enforce debhelper compatibility level 5.
     - debian/rules: build needed languages (de, fr, it and zh_CN) only.
     - debian/debian-faq-{de,fr,it,zh-cn}.{dirs,install}: add debhelper files
       for building extra binary packages.
     - debian/rules: use debhelper's dh_installchangelog, dh_installdocs and
       dh_compress to handle debian/{copyright,changelog} and doc-base stuff.
       add needed dh_clean calls.
     - debian/rules: replace handcrafted chmod/chown call with dh_fixperms.
     - debian/debian-faq*.doc-base, debian/debian-faq*.{prerm,postrm}: add
       doc-base registrations for all packages, let debhelper deal with them.
   * Update the content of the FAQ files to their latest SVN
     versions, from ddp/manuals/trunk/debian-faq:
      - changes by joostvb, 2008-04-03
         * faqinfo.sgml: mention debian-faq-de, debian-faq-fr and other
           translation packages, update svn url.
      - changes by joostvb, 2008-03-24 - 2008-03-29
         * uptodate.sgml: remove remark only relevant to < etch
         * software.sgml: do not explicitly mention lenny: make text more
         * compat.sgml: get rid of & in url: make sure typesetters do not
           choke on it
         * nexttime.sgml: remove obsolete entry on security
         * nexttime.sgml: add entry on d-i and on releasegoal "Dependency
           based boot sequence"
         * nexttime.sgml: port to netbsd is stalled, freebsd is getting
         * nexttime.sgml: mention new armel port. update SuperH status. drop
           amd64: of course we support that: old news
         * nexttime.sgml: add some lenny release goals about i18n from
         * compat.sgml: Debian Etch is LSB certified. Thanks Stanislav
           Gromov for reporting this. (Closes: #473108)
         * faqinfo.sgml: faq moved from cvs to svn
         * redist.sgml: debian-ham is discontinued
         * contrib.sgml: the gnu system by fsf is no longer the planned
         * support.sgml: do not repeat detailed instructions from
  people should use reportbug
         * support.sgml: fix typo
         * support.sgml: mention ftp as last way to get bug-reporting.txt:
           its no longer widely used
         * support.sgml: closed bugs are not removed but archived
         * support.sgml: mention web forums and wiki next to mailing lists
           and usenet news. add pointer to support page at debian website
         * support.sgml: everybody has a forms-capable WWW browser these
           days: remove obsolete remark
         * customizing.sgml: remove comment: yes our description is correct.
           give another useful dpkg-divert invocation
         * kernel.sgml: --force-remove-essential is not needed when purging
         * kernel.sgml: kernel-image is now called linux-image
         * kernel.sgml: remove obsolete make-kpkg notes. we refer to
           make-kpkg's documenation anyway
         * uptodate.sgml: oops, apt-proxy was already in. remove addition
           from revision 5010
         * uptodate.sgml: dpkg-ftp is obsolete
         * uptodate.sgml: add section on apt-proxy
         * pkgtools.sgml: add another useful dpkg-deb feature
         * pkgtools.sgml: add section on synaptic, move section on dselect
           to "other tools" section
         * pkgtools.sgml: do not be english-centric: suggest aptitude-doc
           virtual package; not aptitude-doc-en
         * pkgtools.sgml: update comment
         * pkg_basics.sgml: the X Window System no long is called X11, but
           X.Org. Just refer to it as "X"
         * pkg_basics.sgml: add missing ","
         * pkg_basics.sgml: console-apt is gone, use aptitude
         * pkg_basics.sgml: the archive has pools now
         * pkg_basics.sgml: dpkg-deb is for lowlevel interaction only
         * pkg_basics.sgml: dpkg-divers is part of the package tools
         * pkg_basics.sgml: dpkg-split is hardly in use any more
         * pkg_basics.sgml: mention frontend for dpkg and dpkg-source
         * pkg_basics.sgml: add introduction exaplaing low level character
           of chapter
         * customizing.sgml: do not use uft-8 quoting characters: i am not
           sure what would cause that to break...
         * customizing.sgml: Apply patch contributed by Peter Moulder in
           Message-Id: <>,
           clarifying and updating some init-script issues. (Closes: #461492)
         * ftparchives.sgml: remove comments about woody and older stuff
         * ftparchives.sgml: add . for closing sentence; s/freeware/free
         * ftparchives.sgml: the fact that distributions are directories is
           an implementation detail: move it somewhat more under the carpet
         * ftparchives.sgml: use more recent release names: people wont even
           know these prehistoric ones
         * compat.sgml: add comment with idea for another question
         * compat.sgml: libc5 packages where in sarge, no longer in etch.
           remove section
         * ftparchives.sgml: experimental is a full blown distribution now,
           move description to other section
         * ftparchives.sgml: there is "expermimental" and "oldstable" too:
           mention these
         * software.sgml: Add some more questions on non-free software
           commonly found on GNU/Linux systems: Flash (Don't mention
           Macromedia/Adobe's non-free player); VoIP (don't mention non-free
           Skype); mention ndiswrapper; mention Google Earth (or is that not
           suitable for this faq?)
         * software.sgml: update section "Where is qmail/ezmlm/djbdns?" now
           that djb is placing his software into the public domain.
         * getting.sgml: Mention new installation methods: USB, TFTP etc.
         * getting.sgml: remove broken link
         * getting.sgml: is now just a redirect
           to  Question "I have my own CD-writer,
           are there CD images available somewhere?" duplicates "Where/how can
           I get the Debian installation disks?".  Removed it.
         * getting.sgml: we do DVDs too, not just CDs
         * getting.sgml: Given the current size of Debian, installing from
           floppy is next to impossible. Therefore, remove section "Can I
           install it from a pile of floppy disks?"
         * getting.sgml: is more up to date on
           getting CD images than this faq: add referral
         * pkg_basics.sgml: Mention wrapper tools for building .deb from
           source package. Thanks Tim Richardson for his suggestion in
         * ftparchives.sgml: move question about low-level implementation
           details to end of chapter
         * uptodate.sgml: dselect built in access methods (like dpkg-ftp)
           are obsolete: remove section
         * software.sgml: non-us is obsolete since sarge: remove section
         * getting.sgml: dselect's build-in access methods are obsolete. Do
           not talk about low level cd image details like Rock Ridge
           extensions: that's not suitable for newbies.
         * pkgtools.sgml: fix bug in description of "apt-get dist-upgrade".
           explain difference with "apt-get upgrade"
      - changes by joostvb, 2007-09-21
         * pkg_basics.sgml: Files containing Debian packages typically have
           a component representing the Debian architecture in their name.
           Thanks Justin Pryzby. (Closes: #443472)
      - changes by joostvb, 2007-07-11
         * basic_defs.sgml: Michael K. Johnson's INFO-SHEET and META-FAQ have
           been unmaintained for a very long time. Refer to Linux Online instead.
         * basic_defs.sgml: We don't release every several months, but at
           about every 2 years (checked potato - woody - sarge - etch ( - lenny)
           release dates).  FTP archives are update twice, not once a day.
         * basic_defs.sgml: when asked what debian is, first tell about the
           nice things. explain the boring stuff like what a distribution is
           later: swapped 2 sections
         * support.sgml: remove notes about sections of manpages: too much
           techical detail for intented audience. give example "man ls"
           instead and refer to man(1)
         * support.sgml: mention yelp too, as an alternative for dwww,
           doc-central e.a.
   [ Changes by Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña ]
   * Update the content of the FAQ files to their latest SVN
     versions, from ddp/manuals/trunk/debian-faq:
      - changes by jfs, 2007-12-16 - 2007-12-17
         * faqinfo.sgml: Add web CVS interface location
         * faqinfo.sgml: Add Kamaraju Kusumanchi to the credits
         * debian-faq.sgml: Slight formatting change to (c)
         * faqstatic.ent: Add the oldreleasename entity
         * getting.sgml: Add codenames to the version list
         * choosing.sgml: Convert paragraphs to list and expand on one a bit
         * choosing.sgml: Rewrite some sections, use entities and make the
           Knoppix section much more generic
         * choosing.sgml: Remove extra space
         * choosing.sgml: Reformat to SGML
         * choosing.sgml: Add Kamaraju Kusumanchi's GPLd FAQ that helps
           users choose Debian distributions.
         * debian-faq.sgml, faqstatic.ent: Add new section on choosing the
           distribution based on the work by Kamaraju Kusumanchi
         * uptodate.sgml: Improve description of new items
         * pkgtools.sgml, software.sgml, uptodate.sgml: Add contributions by
           Eric <>, which were lost in the email
      - changes by jfs, 2007-09-23 - 2007-09-30
         * customizing.sgml: Add clarification on device permissions
         * pkg_basics.sgml: Fix sgml error
         * pkgtools.sgml: Typo fix
         * pkgtools.sgml: Init handles runlevels, not the kernel
         * pkgtools.sgml: Aptitude is the preferred package management at
      - changes by jfs, 2007-08-13 - 2007-08-23
         * pkgtools.sgml: Note that you have to install the package
         * kernel.sgml: Add --initrd to make-kpkg calls
         * compat.sgml: Added amd64 and a reference to the ports page
         * compat.sgml: M68k is not supported on etch
         * software.sgml: Add a reference to the section describing custom
         * software.sgml: Wrap example in var
         * pkgtools.sgml: Mention tasksel as part of the package management
         * software.sgml: Enhance the software description with information
           on how to build a development environment
      - changes by jfs, 2007-02-22 - 2007-04-08
         * ftparchives.sgml: Add etch to the releases
         * getting.sgml: Use the entity instead
         * faqstatic.ent: Etch has been release, enjoy!
         * uptodate.sgml: Change to and update the pointer to
           the latest location of the mirror list
         * faqstatic.ent: Revert values (to sarge's) so that the website is
           consistent with the current status
   [ Changes by Simon Paillard ]
   * Update the content of the FAQ files to their latest SVN
     versions, from ddp/manuals/trunk/debian-faq:
      - changes by spaillar, 2007-10-14 - 2007-10-18
         * fr/pkg_basics.sgml: False friend [ by "fully_associative" ]
         * fr/pkgtools.sgml, fr/support.sgml: Typos [ Yannick Palanque ]
      - changes by spaillar, 2007-02-11 - 2007-02-14
         * fr/customizing.sgml: Proofreading [Laurent Leonard]
         * fr/basic_defs.sgml: Proofread [Leonard Laurent]
         * fr/customizing.sgml: Add commas [Leonard Laurent]
         * fr/customizing.sgml: Fix spelling [Leonard Laurent]
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