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Accepted doc-debian 3.1.3 (source all)

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Format: 1.7
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 10:49:22 +0200
Source: doc-debian
Binary: doc-debian
Architecture: source all
Version: 3.1.3
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a <>
Changed-By: Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a <>
 doc-debian - Debian Project documentation, Debian FAQ and other documents
Closes: 68477 149401 310770 315861 333504 333511 335869 339756 340655 342790 342823 342871 343120 352175 353249
 doc-debian (3.1.3) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Changes by Jost van Baal ]
   * doc/Makefile: get rid of hardcoded /home/jfs, so that it works on
     joostvb's system too.  Add rule to generate mailing-lists.txt from
     webwml CVS.  Generate both social-contract.1.0 and social-contract.1.1.
     Generate all 3 versions of constitution.
   * debian/rules: replace obsolete refresh target with referral to
     new doc/Makefile by jfs.
   * debian/control: Bump Standards-Version from 3.6.1 to (no changes
   * Update the CVS-managed part of the content of the files under doc/ to
     their latest versions, from webwml/webwml/english (as
     published on (Closes: #149401)
         - The bug-mailserver-refcard now documents the 'found' command
 	  (Closes: #352175)
         - The bug-maint-info.txt file now describes sarge as released
 	  and etch as unreleased (Closes: #353249)
   * Update the content of the files under FAQ/ to their latest CVS versions,
     from debian-doc/ddp/manuals.sgml/faq:
      - changes by jseidel, 2006-01-31, 2005-09-04, 2005-08-11
         * kernel.sgml: The manual page of make-kpkg is in section 1 not 8
           (compare Bug#350530).  Also changed <tt> to <file> tag for a file
         * pkg_basics.sgml: The manual page of dpkg-deb is in section 1 not 8
           (compare Bug#350523).
         * basic_defs.sgml, compat.sgml: s/RedHat/Red Hat/
         * ftparchives.sgml: fixed full-stops, thanks Luca Brivio
      - changes by joostvb, 2005-12-08 - 2006-01-01
         * uptodate.sgml: Add notes on dpkg --log flag, and on aptitude
           logging capabilities.  (Closes: #342790)
         * getting.sgml: add note on frozen and unstable symlinks in
           cdimages.  (Closes: #68477)
         * support.sgml: style consistency: s/email/e-mail/
         * pkgtools.sgml: refer to APT HOWTO.  (Closes: #343120)
         * support.sgml: Notes on how to report bugs that affect many
           package don't belong here, but on
  : don't copy information
           from that document.  (Closes: #342871)
         * compat.sgml: Add note on LSB to answer "How compatible is
           Debian".  (Closes: #342823)
         * getting.sgml: add an extra link to installmanual, next to our own
           installation instructions
         * pkgtools.sgml: when talking about automatically purging no-longer
           needed dependency packages, mention libraries too.  See Bug
         * redist.sgml: Corel Linux and Storm Linux are (almost) gone;
           better mention Progeny Debian, Linspire, Knoppix and Ubuntu.
           Mention CDD when talking about Debian-derived distributions.  (I
           guess the note on "Linux for Hams" should probably either get
           removed, or get replaced by a link to the newer "Debian-Ham"...)
         * support.sgml: refer to relevant social contract clause when
           introducing bts
         * support.sgml: be clear about the public nature of the Debian
           mailing lists
         * support.sgml: when mentioning dwww and dhelp, mention doc-central
         * basic_defs.sgml: refer to list of other docs as well as notes on
           giving feedback in intro
         * kernel.sgml, support.sgml: get rid of last remnants of pre-/u/s/d
         * customizing.sgml: mention invoke-rc.d
         * kernel.sgml: grub is now the standard bootloader on i386;
           generally there is no need to run LILO
         * uptodate.sgml: add and integrate section on aptitude
         * basic_defs.sgml: link to relevant other faq entry
         * software.sgml: typo: s/Sun icrosystems/Sun Microsystems/
         * software.sgml: mention changelog too as a place to see who has
           done what.  adjust to /u/s/d transition
         * software.sgml: mention current popular software like GIMP,
           PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mozilla, OOo, Gnumeric too
         * basic_defs.sgml: link to relevant other faq entry
         * basic_defs.sgml, faqstatic.ent: do not hardcode statistics but
           use faqstatic.ent.
         * basic_defs.sgml: More reasons to choose Debian: DFSG, Social
           Contract, # packages, # architectures. Gentoo exists, Debian is
           no longer "the only Linux distribution that is being developed
           cooperatively by many individuals through the Internet".
           (Closes: #340655)
         * basic_defs.sgml: hurd isn't "new", mention *BSD-ports too.
           (Closes: #339756)
         * basic_defs.sgml: Linux ports to non-i386 architectures are
           mature.  (Closes: #335869)
         * ftparchives.sgml: Added "How do I set up my own apt-able
           repository?".  (Closes: #333511)
         * basic_defs.sgml: Add "What is this FAQ?" question, with purposes
           of FAQ, intended audience, assumed knowledge (Closes: #333504)
      [ Javier Fernandez-Sanguino ]
      - hijack this package from Josip as he can no longer take care of
        this package.
      - add some more TODO things.
      - changes to the FAQ, 2005-09-14 - 2005-06-06
         * software.sgml: Describe also where is qmail, ezmlm and djbdns as
           suggested by Seo Sanghyeon
         * software.sgml: Changed the sections to reflect the fact that
           non-US is now obsolete as suggested by Seo Sanghyeon
         * pkgtools.sgml: Added dlocate and apt-file as suggested by Seo
         * basic_defs.sgml, compat.sgml, contrib.sgml, customizing.sgml,
           faqinfo.sgml, ftparchives.sgml, getting.sgml, kernel.sgml,
           nexttime.sgml, pkg_basics.sgml, pkgtools.sgml, redist.sgml,
           software.sgml, support.sgml, uptodate.sgml: Added revision
           tracking for translations
         * debian-faq.sgml, faqinfo.sgml: Updated year of (c) and added
           myself as maintainer for the FAQ
         * pkgtools.sgml, software.sgml: More improvements in the package
           management tools sections: - order tools by level (increasing)
           and separate developer's only tools - more information on the
           tools and an additional cross-reference - another TODO, should
           describe also using apt 'a la' Gentoo
         * pkgtools.sgml: Enhancements to the tools section and typo fixes
           in Eric's patch
         * pkgtools.sgml: Tools enhancement patch from Eric
         * getting.sgml, pkgtools.sgml: Fix SGML errors with patches sent by
           Eric <eric-m AT>
         * support.sgml: Removed bug package, no longer available, and add a
           comment on looking for already reported bugs with reportbug
         * pkgtools.sgml: Added TODO
         * ftparchives.sgml: Modified references to frozen as suggested by
           Santiago Vila
         * customizing.sgml: Changed libpaperg to libpaper1 as suggested by
           Santiago Vila
         * compat.sgml: Removed references to xlib6 (which does not exist
           any longer) as suggested by Santiago Vila
         * compat.sgml: Removed obsolete section on a.out programs as
           suggested by Santiago Vila
         * TODO: Reorganise listing to have obscure entries last
         * pkgtools.sgml: Added a section about -data packages (Closes: #315861)
         * getting.sgml: Added section on package upgrades for stable also added pointers to the Debian Security
           FAQ and Manual since they are valuable for those interested in
           the security aspects of Debian (Closes: #310770)
         * ftparchives.sgml: Forgot to mention woody in the oldcodenames
         * faqstatic.ent: Preparation for sarge release
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