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Accepted dpkg 1.21.2 (source) into unstable

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2022 20:17:35 +0100
Source: dpkg
Architecture: source
Version: 1.21.2
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Dpkg Developers <>
Changed-By: Guillem Jover <>
Closes: 382307 533639 1001010 1001695 1001761 1003164 1003671 1003672 1003673 1003799 1004372 1004557 1007116
 dpkg (1.21.2) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Guillem Jover ]
   * dpkg: Fix memory leak in remove-on-upgrade handling.
   * dpkg-deb: Fix unexpected end of file conditions on .deb extract.
   * Use anchor links for the dpkg FAQ URLs.
   * update-alternatives: Do not skip --config with a single entry.
     Reported by David Kalnischkies <>.
   * update-alternatives: Refactor alternative_install().
   * update-alternatives: Use intermediate variables when parsing actions.
   * update-alternatives: Clarify option parse errors by printing the wrong
   * update-alternatives: Clarify bad usage message by enclosing in angles and
     quoting arguments.
   * dpkg-buildpackage: Switch terse make from -s to --no-print-directory.
     Closes: #1003164
   * scripts: Unify deprecated command-line option warnings.
   * dpkg-source: Fix alternate changelog file usage with 2.0 and 3.0 formats.
     Reported by Umut <> (on IRC).
   * update-alternatives: Use the target timestamp when the symlink does not
     exist. Closes: #1004557
   * dselect: Handle window resizes in help and menu screens. Closes: #382307
   * dselect: Do not beep on key press errors in method and package list
     windows. Closes: #533639
   * dselect: Add support for --instdir.
   * Perl modules:
     - Dpkg::Control::FieldsCore: Sort control type entries in %FIELD_ORDER.
     - Dpkg::Control::FieldsCore: Refactor Vcs fields into a common variable.
     - Dpkg::Control::FieldsCore: Refactor testsuite fields into a common
     - Dpkg::Control::FieldsCore: Accept Architecture as a debian/tests/control
     - Dpkg::Control::FieldsCore: Add missing allowed fields for (In)Release
     - Dpkg::Control::FieldsCore: Add field order for all control types.
     - Dpkg::Index: Switch key function for control tests to be a stanza index.
       Reported by Paul Gevers <>.
     - Dpkg::Source::Package: Only generate the patch header if needed.
       Prompted by Umut <> (on IRC).
     - Dpkg::Source::Package: Use File::Spec instead of ad-hoc concatenation.
   * Documentation:
     - man: Mention on what actions triggers get processed in dpkg(1).
       Closes: #1001010
     - man: Clarify that dpkg-divert --list pattern is optional.
       Thanks to наб <>. Closes: #1001761
     - man: Use «main» git branch in examples.
     - man: Markup each individual element independently.
     - man: Refer to the relevant maintscript actions explicitly.
     - man: Add a missing preposition to deb-preinst(5).
     - man: Do not hardcode DPKG_ADMINDIR in update-alternatives.
     - man: Document that update-alternatives honors DPKG_ROOT.
     - man: Clarify --admindir and --instdir default values.
       Reported by Johannes Schauer Marin Rodrigues <>.
   * Code internals:
     - libdpkg: Check that cip is not NULL before dereferencing it.
     - libdpkg: Add missing symbols to the version map.
     - libdpkg: Use the amount of available memory instead phys_mem/2.
       Thanks to Sebastian Andrzej Siewior <>.
     - libdpkg: Refactor liblzma memlimit and cputhreads getters.
     - libdpkg: Dynamically allocate the buffers for de/compression I/O.
     - libdpkg: Increase I/O memory buffers from 4 to 32 KiB.
     - libdpkg: Pass struct compress_params as the first argument.
     - libdpkg: Pass struct compress_params to decompressors.
     - libdpkg: Refactor pkg_format_print() out from pkg_format_show().
     - libdpkg: Do not restrict source:* virtual fields to installed packages.
       Closes: #1004372
     - libdpkg: Do not allow argv with no arguments.
     - update-alternatives: Refactor alternative_has_broken_symlink().
     - update-alternatives: Move symlink removal inside fsys_symlink().
     - update-alternatives: Move filename generation outside alternative setup.
     - dselect: Rework windows resize to be signal safe.
     - scripts: Expand long word list into one entry per line.
     - scripts/mk: Remove unneeded conditionals.
       Thanks to Nicolas Boulenguez <>.
     - scripts/mk: Indent code in Makefile fragments.
       Thanks to Nicolas Boulenguez <>.
   * Build system:
     - Terminate lists in variables with «# EOL».
     - Move build helper tools into build-aux/.
     - Reorganize dpkg programs source code under src/.
     - Move autotest suite under src/.
     - Move C test suite machinery into lib/dpkg/.
     - Fix relocated autotest test suite runner.
     - Fix gitignore for build-aux/ directory.
     - Namespace Config variable usage.
       Reported by Павловец Сергей Николаевич
     - Add gitlab CI test for shared library building.
     - Link all programs against libcompat.
       Prompted by Jörg Sonnenberger <>.
     - Remove unused TESTDATA variable from autotest suite.
     - Rework TAP check hooking into the autotools machinery.
     - Move EXTRA_DIST close to the files it is acting on.
     - Refactor autotest dependencies into a new variable.
     - Refactor autotest machinery into an automake include file.
     - Fold autotest test suite machinery into src/ from src/at/.
     - Rename do_path_subst to do_make_subst.
     - Factor out installation variable substitution into a new file.
     - Move shell scripts into src/.
     - Make AS_TR_* calls more clear.
     - Support compression library names with dashes.
     - Add zlib-ng support.
     - Move zsh completion under a subdirectory.
     - Switch sed pseudo-in-place replace invocations with copy then move.
     - Add comment about «sed -i» not being portable.
       Prompted by Nicolas Boulenguez <>.
     - Mark libcompat and libdpkg as internal components in changelog.
     - Support specifying previous and next tags to gen-changelog.
     - Use non-capturing groups in regex in gen-changelog.
     - Do not hardcode «main» section for title check in gen-changelog.
     - Use sort flag instead of hardcoding the section in gen-changelog.
     - Do not put localization entries on their own changelog group.
   * Packaging:
     - Ignore directories for the alternatives state fixup. Closes: #1001695
     - Update bug-script to clarify usrmerge systems are unsupported.
     - Install aclocal m4 files into libdpkg-dev.
     - Install optional localized man pages with dh_installman.
     - Add a new not-installed file.
     - Switch to use the dh sequencer.
     - Make TESTSUITEFLAGS extensible.
     - Pass -jN to autotools autotest test suite via TESTSUITEFLAGS.
     - Update lintian overrides.
     - Use in postinst.
     - Warn in postinst about merged-/usr-via-aliased-dirs breakage.
   * Test suite:
     - Move AT_TESTED to
     - Run the tools with --version.
     - Refactor control file template generation.
     - Rewrite dpkg-realpath test from TAP to autotest.
     - Rewrite dpkg-divert test from TAP to autotest.
     - Remove now unused TAP tests support from src/.
     - Print field type name instead of id in test case description.
     - Add new pkg-format unit tests.
     - Fix test_command_exec program invocation.
       Thanks to Sören Tempel <>.
     - Use a temporary file instead of unportable «sed -i».
       Prompted by Nicolas Boulenguez <>.
     - Add test case for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.
       Thanks to Nicolas Boulenguez <>.
     - Use «each» instead of «keys» and value fetching.
       Thanks to Nicolas Boulenguez <>.
   * Localization:
     - Remove previous msgid for non-fuzzy translations.
     - Update Catalan translations.
     - Update Dutch translation. Closes: #1003671, #1003672, #1003673
       Thanks to Frans Spiesschaert <>.
     - Update Swedish translations. Closes: #1003799, #1007116
       Thanks to Peter Krefting <>.
   [ Sven Joachim ]
   * Localization:
     - Update German dselect translation.
     - Update German programs translation.
   [ Helge Kreutzmann ]
   * Localization:
     - Update German man pages translation.
     - Update German scripts translation.
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