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Accepted fai 3.4.0 (source all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2010 20:23:42 -0400
Source: fai
Binary: fai-client fai-doc fai-server fai-quickstart fai-nfsroot fai-setup-storage
Architecture: source all
Version: 3.4.0
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Thomas Lange <>
Changed-By: Michael Prokop <>
 fai-client - Fully Automatic Installation client package
 fai-doc    - Documentation for FAI
 fai-nfsroot - Fully Automatic Installation nfsroot package
 fai-quickstart - Fully Automatic Installation quickstart package
 fai-server - Fully Automatic Installation server package
 fai-setup-storage - automatically prepare storage devices
Closes: 428597 493237 557544 573044 575812 576092 583289 585063 588009
 fai (3.4.0) unstable; urgency=low
   The "FAI in New York at DebConf10" Release.
   [ Thomas Lange ]
   * [23c9130] make-fai-nfsroot: fix typo
   * [66a6491] year++
   * [63b89bd] add comment to lib/subroutines regarding /dev mount
   * [29381ac] mkramdisk: use exit in main routine (closes: #583289)
   * [f10e41a] ainsl: exit with 0 if line already exists in the file
   * [2fba437] sources.list: fix domain entries
   * [b4301ee] install_packages: fix typo in warn message
   * [cc5fff4] make-fai-nfsroot, make-fai-nfsroot.8: add option -B,
     (closes: #576092) (thanks to Mika Prokop for the patch)
   * [c29d0f9] disk-info: rename subroutine
   * [d92d340] remove leading space in debian/control long description
   * [23ffbe6] remove unneeded else for extracting base.tgz
   * [ab0ca37] dhcp-edit: new command that adds or removes entries
     to/from dhcpd.conf
   * [e3c99bc] control: change dependencies on fai-setup-storage
   * [ee748e9] fai-chboot,fai-chboot.8: add option -P
   * [3fc2e78] setup-storage.8: add info about flag_initial
   * [84a3c16] doc/error-levels: describe error levels of task_error
   * [52d0c1d] make-fai-nfsroot: remove etc/hostname and 70-persistent-
     net.rules from nfsroot and base.tgz (thanks to Manuel Hachtkemper
     for the patch)
   * [ed3e77f] subroutines: do not dump bash array variables
   * [265475d] add different implementation for dumping variables, thanks
     to Andreas Schuldei
   * [61044db] add $modified, add more messages, fix code for adding a
   * [433dc9f] make-fai-nfsroot: fix typo, remove redundant rm command
   * [dda0071] put ROOTPW into quotes, so empty password will work
     (thanks to Adrien Cunin for the patch)
   * [c043d96] 10-misc, subroutines: move adding /etc/hosts entry from
   * [dc71219] fai-do-scripts: add cfengine 3 support
   * [0752918] savelog.LAST: ignore ACPI Warning
   * [6612e23] task_sysinfo: remove call of sysinfo (non open source
     software), check if blkid exists before calling it
   * [9350d55] ftar, ftar.8: add xz support
   * [0af7676] fcopy, fai-cd, fai-do-scripts, ftar, fai-debconf, dhcp-
     edit, fai-class, install_packages, ainsl, fai-mirror, fai-chboot:
     remove version information, remove e-mail address for bugs
   * [1dddb1b] fai-cd: add grub2 support (thanks to Sebastian Hetze for
     the patch)
   * [035f6cb] fai-cd: remove grub test which is already done before
   * [5648a55] fai-cd.8: add option -G
   * [f848790] fcopy: do not copy file if preinst script fails
     (closes: #573044) thanks to Andreas Schuldei for the patch
   * [89d2d14] - mkramdisks: add option -a, remove use of FAI_NORAMDISK,
                 use FAI_RAMDISKS
               - subroutines: adjust to new option of mkramdisks
   * [4f1170b] fix typo (in changelog)
   * [0840cce] subroutines: new subroutine umount_csspace, so it can be
     used in user hooks (thanks to Waldemar for the patch)
   * [6769f42] fai-guide.txt: add info how to generate the encrypted
   * [e486952] control: update to new standards version
   * [530f72a] fai-cd: add checks if package download succeeded
   * [60fef62] fai-cd.8: add option -G
   * [654d771] grub.cfg, Makefile: add missing grub.cfg to package
   * [604e894] fai-server.install: add missing grub.cfg
   * [0c0c21a] fai-cd: fix, use grub.cfg for grub2
   * [e752bb5] fai-mirror, fai-mirror.8: add option -m
   * [4470a12] disk_config: use UUID's in fstab
   * [763e15b] make-fai-nfsroot: force creating of symlinks
     (closes: #588009)
   * [8c5ad04] - fai-mirror: use $mirrordir if no argument given
                 (closes: #428597)
               - get-config-dir-svn: use exit code of first command of
                 pipe (closes: #557544)
   * [09351aa] fai-mirror: use $mirrordir if no argument given
     (closes: #428597)
   * [63b4678] fix line break, so normal text line does not start with a
   * [9560a33] get-config-dir: change error message
   * [b503fa6] savelog.LAST: add ignore pattern
   * [6f2b222] savelog.LAST: add ignore pattern
   * [7e5037d] new setup-fai-test-environment script create two virtual
     machines for testing
   [ Michael Tautschnig ]
   * [11ecfca] added changelog entry for install_packages typo fix
   * [0d847ff] move setup-storage into a separate package (fai-setup-
     storage) Thanks Michael Prokop <> for the patch
     (closes: #575812)
   * [fa23848] Added sizespec non-terminal to grammer for nicer
     formatting as suggested by Thomas
   * [4ec8cc0] minor hyphen-used-as-minus-sign fix
   * [e8f982b] Merged a larger number of patches from experimental into
     - setup-storage: Bumped version number to 1.3
     - setup-storage/ Only read sizes and partitioning of disks
       referenced in the configuration (thanks Henning Sprang).
     - setup-storage, setup-storage/{,}: Added support for new
       preserve_lazy option that will preserve volumes that exist, but newly
       create them if not found.
     - setup-storage.8: Document new preserve_lazy option.
     - setup-storage/{,}: Completed support for preserve in
       LVM/RAID contexts; extended checking for volume groups that remain alive,
       fixed bug in LV resize code, disable existing volume groups, remove
       non-preserved volume groups (thanks Mathieu Alorent <> for
       extensive testing).
     - setup-storage/{,}: eff_size is bytes. Always.
     - setup-storage/ Prefer resize2fs over parted to resize logical
       volumes. Future versions of parted will allow even more use of resize2fs.
       Fix use of eff_size as bytes.
     - setup-storage/{,}: Added support for new always_format
     - setup-storage.8: Documented new always_format option.
     - setup-storage/ Fixed uninitialized variable warnings in parsing
       output of parted 2.2.
     - setup-storage/ Use VG size for volume group size, not space in
       use. Thanks Mathieu Alorent for reporting this.
     - setup-storage/ Properly handle /dev/cciss disk devices, even
       without partitions (thanks Steffen Grunewald
       <> and Mathieu Alorent <>).
     - setup-storage/ Handle parse errors earlier for more informative
       error messages.
     - setup-storage/ Proper error message in case an extended
       partition is marked as preserve
     - setup-storage/ All unexpected non-zero exit codes of subcommands
       lead to immediate failure of setup-storage.
     - setup-storage/ Use absolute path names for devices in volume
       groups, RAID volumes.
     - Makefile, fai-nfsroot.dirs, fai-nfsroot.install, get-boot-info:
       Install dhclient-fai.conf and dhclient-fai-script into /usr/share/fai
       instead of /etc/dhcp3 (closes: #585063).
     - dhcp-edit, control: Updated to work with isc-dhcp-server or
       dhcp3-server, whichever is available.
     - fai-guide.txt: Updated to isc-dhcp-server.
     - setup-storage.8: Nicer formatting of size specifications in grammar as
       suggested by Thomas.
   [ Michael Prokop ]
   * [6feb888] [fa070e7] [ded4ad2] [d37a316] [40f0da1] [408ca00] [350a726]
     [6326855] [064d4cf] Merge fixes.
   * [185cf56] Add myself as uploader, ack-ed by Thomas Lange.
   * [389013d] Replace lenny with squeeze in all apt related sources.
   * [3cb6394] conf/NFSROOT, doc/includes/faisetup.txt: drop deprecated
     aufs-modules-* package.
   * [f3b4bad] 20-hwdetect.source: make sure the kernel module directory
     drivers/ide/pci exists before using it.
   * [34bad06] package_config/GNOME: drop deprecated packages iceweasel-
     gnome-support, icedove-gnome-support and gnome-apt.
   * [9432b29] simple examples: use GRUB_PC as default, add info header
     to GRUB and GRUB_PC scripts.
   * [9510b74] bin/make-fai-nfsroot: do not divert update-initramfs by
     default any longer
   * [3881bcb] subroutines, fai: make sure fai exits with the according
   * [73129a7] subroutines: add support for task_error to task configure
   * [5eab8a7] subroutines: use task_error level 420 instead of 855 as
     discussed with Thomas
   * [b7ae34e] install_packages: support retrieving sources for Debian
   * [e9fe657] install_packages.8: fix wording of description of -N
   * [479ca7f] subroutines, fai: display date of execution (fai_rundate)
     on startup
   * [47cfab9] subroutines: /proc + /sys might be empty because they were
   [ Julien BLACHE ]
   * setup-storage/ add support for RAM:XX% (closes: #493237)
   * setup-storage.8: document RAM:XX%.
   * setup-storage/ support the TMPFS key where necessary.
   * setup-storage/ add support for tmpfs mounts.
   * setup-storage/ add a new tmpfs stanza, a new tmpfs volume type
     and tmpfs_size (slightly differing from the regular size, no range
   * setup-storage.8: document the tmpfs stanza.
   * setup-storage/ support the creation of journal devices
     (ext3/4) and filesystems with external journal (ext3/4, xfs).
   * setup-storage/ add support for FS_journal and FS:journal=.
   * setup-storage.8: document external journal support.
   * bin/device2grub: try to find and use a stable name (by-id) for the device
     if the shortname has no match in Needed now that grub2 in
     unstable has switched to using stable names in
   [ Michael Goetze ]
   * [df9a32f] Minor doc bug (wrong path)
 605d140e0d6497df58ce22d1c339d000685d814f 1075 fai_3.4.0.dsc
 564cfe3857073dd91480bcb4c1a7f7b597a76dad 290722 fai_3.4.0.tar.gz
 5ebb0cb2eeca22028dd886ed9d1e0c491e055dcb 125104 fai-client_3.4.0_all.deb
 71ae4fbc21f5faebb43d1cb7083480098ff26557 641886 fai-doc_3.4.0_all.deb
 5561777cbba3c27c34fcdddfade6771543a9067c 59324 fai-server_3.4.0_all.deb
 db301d5d12220c07f35a3545442808dbd3ae134f 2052 fai-quickstart_3.4.0_all.deb
 44403079089a3623bf39c984d96b8116ba206d67 65146 fai-nfsroot_3.4.0_all.deb
 4e5ed4f97a48b0a4310790ce1ba016b9c6263ce7 102298 fai-setup-storage_3.4.0_all.deb
 dae098c88d419e205c3038c46a86e00c89270755bc8732bdeb0f38d9a2f92aca 1075 fai_3.4.0.dsc
 7b409671cdffd59a52544f00069c5d939bd88d6f5851bb237ff5e0502a7b1e3c 290722 fai_3.4.0.tar.gz
 efd943293a0bb2675ad61e1609f6930a049699c6be6fd5346fd6aad486032c20 125104 fai-client_3.4.0_all.deb
 18d0d77a7188df6023212b09ba685e05e41da24cf8efc4bcbfe3e17787fa31a2 641886 fai-doc_3.4.0_all.deb
 8c8cd0a425c4e07de54f226b8bbb74f1f706e072018d8ad65771d686b3a5f23d 59324 fai-server_3.4.0_all.deb
 73f29e13ea33ef3b8c6ff1b073391d29c72e212a5fae3d0c55513c22d5435a95 2052 fai-quickstart_3.4.0_all.deb
 6d13d72378f23efe48eeb2e269aa2766dd454850a4e892833b0183a350b28b74 65146 fai-nfsroot_3.4.0_all.deb
 d42d33a1f5fa70bc17ba4130edea6941fa7de78db351ba75d8433e18c3a16342 102298 fai-setup-storage_3.4.0_all.deb
 e40d5e523de395a5195f9407c3f5f0d1 1075 admin extra fai_3.4.0.dsc
 cf6554ec39a3fff8ca429c93802b7d88 290722 admin extra fai_3.4.0.tar.gz
 3c619b0b799af24be04f02830056c512 125104 admin extra fai-client_3.4.0_all.deb
 bf0cd5679f16eb9d8cc9adc464c24abd 641886 doc extra fai-doc_3.4.0_all.deb
 ba63ac5f62b4d37e0edf97b8cc6850c8 59324 admin extra fai-server_3.4.0_all.deb
 246e08e35a58a4db576e3e3ddfb6710c 2052 admin extra fai-quickstart_3.4.0_all.deb
 ea4274b19533ae7db27396fab8e91795 65146 admin extra fai-nfsroot_3.4.0_all.deb
 7bd1def83acdbbaa89fa04668134ba07 102298 admin extra fai-setup-storage_3.4.0_all.deb

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