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Accepted grub2 2.06-3 (source) into unstable

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2022 11:15:11 +0200
Source: grub2
Architecture: source
Version: 2.06-3
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: GRUB Maintainers <>
Changed-By: Julian Andres Klode <>
Closes: 952815 1001057 1007706
 grub2 (2.06-3) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Colin Watson ]
   * Update a few leftover uses of "which" to use "command -v" instead.
   * Remove some old Lintian overrides.
   * Trim trailing whitespace.
   * debian/copyright: use spaces rather than tabs to start continuation lines.
   * Add missing ${misc:Depends} to Depends for grub-efi-ia32-signed-template,
     grub-efi-amd64-signed-template, grub-efi-arm64-signed-template.
   * Bump debhelper from old 10 to 13.
   * Set upstream metadata fields: Bug-Submit (from ./configure), Repository,
   * Drop now-unnecessary sparc PIE workaround from debian/rules (thanks,
     John Paul Adrian Glaubitz; closes: #952815).
   [ Debconf translations ]
   * [id] Indonesian (Andika Triwidada; closes: #1007706).
   [ Julian Andres Klode ]
   * Add Julian Andres Klode to uploaders
   * Disable building with LTO, as used in Ubuntu and possibly other
     downstreams (maybe Debian one day), as that breaks the build.
   * SECURITY UPDATE: Crafted PNG grayscale images may lead to out-of-bounds
     write in heap.
     - 0070-video-readers-png-Drop-greyscale-support-to-fix-heap.patch:
       video/readers/png: Drop greyscale support to fix heap out-of-bounds write
     - CVE-2021-3695
   * SECURITY UPDATE: Crafted PNG image may lead to out-of-bound write during
     huffman table handling.
     - 0071-video-readers-png-Avoid-heap-OOB-R-W-inserting-huff-.patch:
       video/readers/png: Avoid heap OOB R/W inserting huff table items
     - CVE-2021-3696
   * SECURITY UPDATE: Crafted JPEG image can lead to buffer underflow write in
     the heap.
     - 0076-video-readers-jpeg-Block-int-underflow-wild-pointer-.patch:
       video/readers/jpeg: Block int underflow -> wild pointer write
     - CVE-2021-3697
   * SECURITY UPDATE: Integer underflow in grub_net_recv_ip4_packets
     - 0079-net-ip-Do-IP-fragment-maths-safely.patch: net/ip: Do IP fragment
       maths safely
     - CVE-2022-28733
   * SECURITY UPDATE: Out-of-bounds write when handling split HTTP headers
     - 0085-net-http-Fix-OOB-write-for-split-http-headers.patch: net/http: Fix
       OOB write for split http headers
     - CVE-2022-28734
   * SECURITY UPDATE: shim_lock verifier allows non-kernel files to be loaded
     - 0066-kern-efi-sb-Reject-non-kernel-files-in-the-shim_lock.patch:
       kern/efi/sb: Reject non-kernel files in the shim_lock verifier
     - CVE-2022-28735
     - Closes: #1001057
   * SECURITY UPDATE: use-after-free in grub_cmd_chainloader()
     - 0063-loader-efi-chainloader-Simplify-the-loader-state.patch:
       loader/efi/chainloader: simplify the loader state
     - 0064-commands-boot-Add-API-to-pass-context-to-loader.patch: commands/boot:
       Add API to pass context to loader
     - 0065-loader-efi-chainloader-Use-grub_loader_set_ex.patch:
       loader/efi/chainloader: Use grub_loader_set_ex
     - 0066-loader-i386-efi-linux-Use-grub_loader_set_ex.patch:
       loader/i386/efi/linux: Use grub_loader_set_ex
   * Various fixes as a result of fuzzing and static analysis:
     - 0067-kern-file-Do-not-leak-device_name-on-error-in-grub_f.patch:
       kern/file: Do not leak device_name on error in grub_file_open()
     - 0068-video-readers-png-Abort-sooner-if-a-read-operation-f.patch:
       video/readers/png: Abort sooner if a read operation fails
     - 0069-video-readers-png-Refuse-to-handle-multiple-image-he.patch:
       video/readers/png: Refuse to handle multiple image headers
     - 0072-video-readers-png-Sanity-check-some-huffman-codes.patch:
       video/readers/png: Sanity check some huffman codes
     - 0073-video-readers-jpeg-Abort-sooner-if-a-read-operation-.patch:
       video/readers/jpeg: Abort sooner if a read operation fails
     - 0074-video-readers-jpeg-Do-not-reallocate-a-given-huff-ta.patch:
       video/readers/jpeg: Do not reallocate a given huff table
     - 0075-video-readers-jpeg-Refuse-to-handle-multiple-start-o.patch:
       video/readers/jpeg: Refuse to handle multiple start of streams
     - 0077-normal-charset-Fix-array-out-of-bounds-formatting-un.patch:
       normal/charset: Fix array out-of-bounds formatting unicode for display
     - 0078-net-netbuff-Block-overly-large-netbuff-allocs.patch:
       net/netbuff: Block overly large netbuff allocs
     - 0080-net-dns-Fix-double-free-addresses-on-corrupt-DNS-res.patch:
       net/dns: Fix double-free addresses on corrupt DNS response
     - 0081-net-dns-Don-t-read-past-the-end-of-the-string-we-re-.patch:
       net/dns: Don't read past the end of the string we're checking against
     - 0082-net-tftp-Prevent-a-UAF-and-double-free-from-a-failed.patch:
       net/tftp: Prevent a UAF and double-free from a failed seek
     - 0083-net-tftp-Avoid-a-trivial-UAF.patch: net/tftp: Avoid a trivial UAF
     - 0084-net-http-Do-not-tear-down-socket-if-it-s-already-bee.patch:
       net/http: Do not tear down socket if it's already been torn down
     - 0086-net-http-Error-out-on-headers-with-LF-without-CR.patch:
       net/http: Error out on headers with LF without CR
     - 0087-fs-f2fs-Do-not-read-past-the-end-of-nat-journal-entr.patch:
       fs/f2fs: Do not read past the end of nat journal entries
     - 0088-fs-f2fs-Do-not-read-past-the-end-of-nat-bitmap.patch:
       fs/f2fs: Do not read past the end of nat bitmap
     - 0089-fs-f2fs-Do-not-copy-file-names-that-are-too-long.patch:
       fs/f2fs: Do not copy file names that are too long
     - 0090-fs-btrfs-Fix-several-fuzz-issues-with-invalid-dir-it.patch:
       fs/btrfs: Fix several fuzz issues with invalid dir item sizing
     - 0091-fs-btrfs-Fix-more-ASAN-and-SEGV-issues-found-with-fu.patch:
       fs/btrfs: Fix more ASAN and SEGV issues found with fuzzing
     - 0092-fs-btrfs-Fix-more-fuzz-issues-related-to-chunks.patch:
       fs/btrfs: Fix more fuzz issues related to chunks
   * Bump SBAT generation:
     - update debian/
 2f9797dd9c2b2beaeed51cab826cd70a784b826c 7199 grub2_2.06-3.dsc
 2dde9f9e9826902f46fb0496f3a1351f9d0e0c61 1084452 grub2_2.06-3.debian.tar.xz
 46b403dbe0e7f24b0ceebeccc397e88a19fd029c3bc5afdb538580bb3fae3ea1 7199 grub2_2.06-3.dsc
 a85896f67cb2ceaf67bf1bcf704223e267e4cc776e002082c27b815ec41acaf7 1084452 grub2_2.06-3.debian.tar.xz
 4d442e1bbe80e5c3d3e6987b5404470f 7199 admin optional grub2_2.06-3.dsc
 5d35e3a9cf3f4262580ebf6b62e76ef7 1084452 admin optional grub2_2.06-3.debian.tar.xz