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Accepted linux-tools 3.16.56-1 (i386 source) into oldstable-proposed-updates->oldstable-new, oldstable-proposed-updates

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2018 21:46:20 +0100
Source: linux-tools
Binary: linux-kbuild-3.16 linux-tools-3.16 libusbip-dev usbip hyperv-daemons
Architecture: i386 source
Version: 3.16.56-1
Distribution: jessie-security
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Debian Kernel Team <>
Changed-By: Ben Hutchings <>
 hyperv-daemons - Support daemons for Linux running on Hyper-V
 libusbip-dev - USB device sharing system over IP network (development files)
 linux-kbuild-3.16 - Kbuild infrastructure for Linux 3.16
 linux-tools-3.16 - Performance analysis tools for Linux 3.16
 usbip      - USB device sharing system over IP network
 linux-tools (3.16.56-1) jessie-security; urgency=high
   * New upstream stable update:
     - recordmcount: Fix endianness handling bug for nop_mcount
     - perf trace: Fix documentation for -i
     - scripts: recordmcount: break hardlinks
     - ftrace/scripts: Have recordmcount copy the object file
     - ftrace/scripts: Fix incorrect use of sprintf in recordmcount
     - tools lib traceevent: Fix output of %llu for 64 bit values read on 32 bit
     - scripts/ support data in text section on powerpc
     - perf annotate browser: Fix behaviour of Shift-Tab with nothing focussed
     - perf hists: Fix HISTC_MEM_DCACHELINE width setting
     - perf pmu: Fix misleadingly indented assignment (whitespace)
     - perf tools: handle spaces in file names obtained from /proc/pid/maps
     - perf tools: Dont stop PMU parsing on alias parse error
     - perf stat: Document --detailed option
     - tools lib traceevent: Do not reassign parg after collapse_tree()
     - kbuild: move -Wunused-const-variable to W=1 warning level
     - perf tools: Fix perf regs mask generation
     - of: fix autoloading due to broken modalias with no 'compatible'
     - ftrace/recordmcount: Work around for addition of metag magic but not
     - perf symbols: Fixup symbol sizes before picking best ones
     - scripts/has-stack-protector: add -fno-PIE
     - perf trace: Use the syscall raw_syscalls:sys_enter timestamp
     - perf scripting: Avoid leaking the scripting_context variable
     - perf evlist: Fix typo in perf_evlist__start_workload()
     - perf script: Fix man page about --dump-raw-trace option
     - perf tests: Avoid possible truncation with dirent->d_name + snprintf
     - perf symbols: Fix symbols__fixup_end heuristic for corner cases
     - perf hists browser: Fix typo in function switch_data_file
     - perf inject: Don't proceed if perf_session__process_event() fails
     - perf probe: Fix examples section of documentation
     - perf script: Fix outdated comment for perf-trace-python
     - perf script: Fix documentation errors
     - perf script python: Fix wrong code snippets in documentation
     - perf script python: Updated trace_unhandled() signature
     - perf script python: Remove dups in documentation examples
     - perf annotate: Fix broken arrow at row 0 connecting jmp instruction to
       its target
     - modpost: expand pattern matching to support substring matches
     - modpost: don't emit section mismatch warnings for compiler optimizations
     - perf tests attr: Fix no-delay test
     - perf events parse: Rename parsing state struct to clearer name
     - perf events parse: Use just one parse events state struct
     - perf tools: Really install manpages via 'make install-man'
     - usbip: tools: Install all headers needed for libusbip development
     - usbip: prevent vhci_hcd driver from leaking a socket pointer address
     - hv: kvp: Avoid reading past allocated blocks from KVP file
     - usbip: fix usbip bind writing random string after command in match_busid
     - module/retpoline: Warn about missing retpoline in module
 bef8ec725f0b1bfd41777b2ebcdd666d712742bc 2673 linux-tools_3.16.56-1.dsc
 f095d1fa050289fb78622887292cc66d0889bb45 7847956 linux-tools_3.16.56.orig.tar.xz
 a27a5fa8fb1a202f833d0b9802240c8c99f7d77a 33672 linux-tools_3.16.56-1.debian.tar.xz
 3d42a5b61f35c73b8b4bcdb0c96c7e63da48448a 179674 linux-kbuild-3.16_3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 717dad2fe41a58a29768f4586f8ca8788a0ded18 26550 libusbip-dev_2.0+3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 b97a6153cd7efa310d918b796bb201b121b9c92a 39112 usbip_2.0+3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 dd3faa93b8d9f22ffb630c5b7c4837f96aa7e60e 605782 linux-tools-3.16_3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 c03ac9f93234d0ad0d4e4ac0f9e67b8eca1fe118 22796 hyperv-daemons_3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 b7c2ad228fae744d18ab89df0f75686e214d5cf2e28bb2a3c3a4efa3b951ed56 2673 linux-tools_3.16.56-1.dsc
 4540c6bc1f670b454fa787c4255f08e769709436216ee12b27673d69f5236f25 7847956 linux-tools_3.16.56.orig.tar.xz
 9d7d4b384ed0fc3ac281103ee3b8b72389d0ca0c50312451295ee2db6b414b12 33672 linux-tools_3.16.56-1.debian.tar.xz
 d4dfb3f222a7cbf36ceaa118cced328e476e9fdf46dd3da9e7edb96515f9a5b3 179674 linux-kbuild-3.16_3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 a22019a4e4180485bf732db245a4f37bb68061121c4521ad6cb7939bc9b1d6b2 26550 libusbip-dev_2.0+3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 f111e9e6b6a43a202b456f524f990a18f71392791d72bc356d8736d110882d9b 39112 usbip_2.0+3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 905939038703d3dad1fabb119179d4df0e986ad89bd72dfd8695303018c31789 605782 linux-tools-3.16_3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 2277af50e47cedcbaddafbcc581826bbc398064fa4c54e7f2b8aeb6a26363af7 22796 hyperv-daemons_3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 a6877da812315a15252846a66b154b3c 2673 kernel optional linux-tools_3.16.56-1.dsc
 bc0cb45828f9e40ce4c165710d175ac3 7847956 kernel optional linux-tools_3.16.56.orig.tar.xz
 8905d6241f18356cb2731ed60c976325 33672 kernel optional linux-tools_3.16.56-1.debian.tar.xz
 88eb0cacb7d64da99c907570689ec63c 179674 kernel optional linux-kbuild-3.16_3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 2d6ea0055adc9018f2086f464d8cf98e 26550 libdevel optional libusbip-dev_2.0+3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 2247166c5f3eff100852f59ee2aff947 39112 admin optional usbip_2.0+3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 b23852d1ca4c76c9da41bc9624ae61ce 605782 devel optional linux-tools-3.16_3.16.56-1_i386.deb
 ac560ba18ec50d4db08c860340cd58e2 22796 admin optional hyperv-daemons_3.16.56-1_i386.deb