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Accepted live-build 1:20191219 (source) into unstable

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2019 18:56:00 +0100
Source: live-build
Architecture: source
Version: 1:20191219
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Live <>
Changed-By: Raphaël Hertzog <>
Closes: 884553 888507 934495 940846 941691 944983
 live-build (1:20191219) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Adrian Gibanel Lopez ]
   * Fixed foreign architecture package support to linux kernel flavours
     (Closes: #884553)
   [ Matthijs Kooijman ]
   * Remove --templates from lb_config manpage
   * Remove ldlinux.c32 for extlinux and syslinux
   [ Roland Clobus ]
   * Updated URL in many places.
   * Reenabled the command line option for colored messages for all scripts.
     The functionality was added 2008-11-01, but was not really active.
   * Removed obsolete short command line options. -f was --filesystem -l was
     --language -p was --package-list -e was --encryption
   * Do not store _QUIET in the configuration file, otherwise the overrides in
     the command line get ignored. Adds a documentation line for the other
     command line options as well.
   * Removed option none for --apt-indices, which was removed in 3.0.2-1.
   * Removed option --bootstrap, which is not implemented.
   * Mention --breakpoints in 'lb config --help'
   * Fixed a typo for --clean in 'lb config --help'
   * Manpage: --binary-filesystem also accepts ntfs
   * Matched the documentation of --checksums to the implementation in live-boot
   * Manpage: Added documentation for --breakpoints
   * Manpage: --compression also accepts xz. The default is none
   * Manpage: --config synchronised to 'lb config --help'
   * Manpage: Added documentation for --zsync
   * Manpage: Removed references to command line options that are no longer in
     the code: --firmware-binary --firmware-chroot --hooks
     --parent-mirror-chroot-updates --parent-mirror-chroot-backports
     --parent-mirror-binary-updates --parent-mirror-binary-backports
     --mirror-chroot-updates --mirror-chroot-backports --mirror-binary-updates
     --mirror-binary-backports --templates
   * --initramfs support none and live-boot
   * Manpage: Added documentation for --initsystem
   * Manpage: Added documentation for --image-name
   * Manpage: Added documentation for --hdd-label, --hdd-size and
   * Manpage: --mode explicitly supports debian and progress-linux. Special
     handling for ubuntu was dropped 2015-05-03
   * Manpage: --parent-archive-areas uses the same argument name as 'lb config
   * Manpage: Added documentation for --firmware-binary and --firmware-chroot
   * Manpage: Added documentation for --swap-file-path and --swap-file-size
   * Manpage: Added documentation for --loadlin
   * Manpage: Added documentation for --bootstrap-qemu-[arch|exclude|static]
   * Reordered the command line options to make them in alphabetical order
   * Manpage: added missing \fR tags
   * Manpage: consistent use of whitespace in the command line option list
   * Manpage: typo
   * Manpage: Use alphabetical order for the description of the command line
   * --mirror-binary* was not properly sorted
   * Manpage: removed incorrect mentioning of the -d command line option
   * Manpage: removed FIXME for the SYNOPSIS section, all options are now
   * Manpage: the configuration directory (config) cannot be modified
   * Manpage: simplify the description
   * Manpage: use 3rd person form when describing an option
   * Manpage: Update the default values of --mirror-* and --parent-mirror-*
   [ adrian15 ]
   * Readd findiso parametre to loopback.cfg generation.
   [ Raphaël Hertzog ]
   * binary_package-lists: avoid messing with dpkg's status file
   * chroot_live-packages: use dpkg-query to see if a package is installed
     (Closes: #944983)
   * Set default distribution to buster.
     Thanks to Алексей Шилин (Closes: #934495)
   * installer_debian-installer: don't mess with /var/lib/dpkg/status
   * Tweak lintian overrides
   * Support --distribution-binary and --distribution-chroot (Closes: #888507)
   * Update my email in the Maintainer field.
   [ Ronny Standtke ]
   * Run binary_hooks after binary_grub-efi (Closes: #940846)
   [ John Estabrook ]
   * Add local archive keys before configuring local package repository
     (Closes: #941691)
 25eac4ad6c2d4e9737480c998ed7c2605be73999 1396 live-build_20191219.dsc
 8ee905ab737d060574e785f23b4bf862b111c09b 361760 live-build_20191219.tar.xz
 f31bb4b3c29aa43f5ef1963d508ee9d089055743 6141 live-build_20191219_source.buildinfo
 cddc685cd7e19c3d16ee38002de89c50f3f14bc299180307c5e9b659c2f478bb 1396 live-build_20191219.dsc
 72dab1e8e2130a5e0c54cad724893b36abf2ec758d5c8a8f05a84a15e9f9a087 361760 live-build_20191219.tar.xz
 8b36b3309df9f89557560dbb7979daf8d655520d9e9b105ba8885880c7e4a72b 6141 live-build_20191219_source.buildinfo
 f22b4d695f64b83f51a325f73dceb03f 1396 misc optional live-build_20191219.dsc
 b08f3541834d82002a722bed68569951 361760 misc optional live-build_20191219.tar.xz
 7824210125656251b90a487fdd34f5cb 6141 misc optional live-build_20191219_source.buildinfo

Comment: Signed by Raphael Hertzog