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Accepted live-helper 2.0~a9-1 (source all)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 23:31:59 +0100
Source: live-helper
Binary: live-helper
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.0~a9-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Live <>
Changed-By: Daniel Baumann <>
 live-helper - Debian Live build scripts
Closes: 571056 572976 572983
 live-helper (2.0~a9-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Applying slightly modified patch from Cody A.W. Somerville
     <> to add support for custom debian
     installer images mirror.
   [ Trent W. Buck ]
   * Adding helper to prevent upstart from being run during chroot phase
     (Closes: #571056).
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Adding lh_chroot_upstart manpage.
   * Updating year to 2010 in copyright notices.
   * Adding support for debian-volatile archive.
   * Setting debian-installer-gui default to false for squeeze and sid.
   * Removing outdated crontab and cronjob examples.
   * Merging live-webhelper.
   * Removing obsolete common file in cgi.
   * Updating function reading in the cgi.
   * Updating copyright headers in cgi.
   * Shuffeling cgi files arround.
   * Updating filesystem pathes in cgi.
   * Removing obsolete mechanism of using alternatives for templates, has
     never been used anyway and it's more suitable to directly specify
     them in the config tree instead.
   * Removing obsolete removal of (not used) logfile in the maintainer
   * Excluding cgi from checkbashism (checkbashism is too stupid).
   * Correcting she-bang in cgi.
   [ Steven Shiau ]
   * Fixing build failure with indices caching.
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Only remove auxilliary packages in rootfs when not using pre-cached
     chroot (Closes: #572976).
   [ Richard Nelson ]
   * Removing LH_MIRROR_BOOTSTRAP_SECURITY in the cgi.
   * Cleaning up cgi templates.
   * Updating variables for live-helper 2 in the cgi.
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Adding temporary makefile for the cgi.
   [ Richard Nelson ]
   * Removing etch legacy options in the cgi.
   * Updating booleans for live-helper 2 in the cgi.
   * Updating mail contents in the cgi.
   * Updating cron for live-helper 2 in the cgi.
   * Updating packages lists for live-helper 2 in the cgi.
   * Removing unused version variable in the cgi templates.
   * Updating homepage location in the cgi templates.
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Updating hostname of ubuntu security updates.
   * Adding update repositories as volatile when building in ubuntu mode
     (Closes: #572983).
   * Correcting typo in desktop hacks.
   * Updating rescue list for squeeze.
   * Updating debian-forensics list.
   * Manually removing resolvconf when building kde-desktop release
   * Updating menu splash image for new syslinux.
   * Updating contact information in copyright file.
   * Updating autobuild script for squeeze alpha1 images.
   [ Richard Nelson ]
   * Clean out trailing white space and tabs on l-h.cgi cron.
   * Added debug option on l-h.cgi cron.
   * Added debug option on l-h.cgi cgi.
   * Clean out leading white space on l-h.cgi cgi.
   [ Daniel Baumann ]
   * Simplifying wording in bug-presubj file.
   * Reordering auto install overrides in rules file.
 eb492770677f4c56f3b22abdc56e190f7f3c8a22 1242 live-helper_2.0~a9-1.dsc
 1ca947f306e076fc287502581cb3eebcf8edc16f 2253784 live-helper_2.0~a9.orig.tar.gz
 3ec5b0f71c1940864c3232afd6c3a89e6edf34d6 30156 live-helper_2.0~a9-1.diff.gz
 2f7986a2780810b63d72aedb895527da49b09d27 1117140 live-helper_2.0~a9-1_all.deb
 65e6932cf8b36a81bc315bd02d89742587f621e6eb97e3b64be87dd3877ea32e 1242 live-helper_2.0~a9-1.dsc
 d62257d18d794b7562a93333670e5410e65feb7118200b5c329b3241ab1422b6 2253784 live-helper_2.0~a9.orig.tar.gz
 7c282ec259207f27b109da88d7e68be5637cce36121262566ebe923d5fb12d35 30156 live-helper_2.0~a9-1.diff.gz
 2d7a814949291d8e71ffc4e529209a5fb84a7ba886189289a36abba9511c2a63 1117140 live-helper_2.0~a9-1_all.deb
 6a91aa223c53f3f0e67b877d88ab5834 1242 misc optional live-helper_2.0~a9-1.dsc
 3ccf292b8c31962786658acbc44a0371 2253784 misc optional live-helper_2.0~a9.orig.tar.gz
 ab96721182e5066b0d6869555acc8355 30156 misc optional live-helper_2.0~a9-1.diff.gz
 2fea5136afe7119df610b9c37c38feb1 1117140 misc optional live-helper_2.0~a9-1_all.deb

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