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Murasaki 0.7 configuration files


I am sending you this email because I have a problem with the unstable
branch of murasaki. 

As you probably know some weeks ago I became the new maintainer of your
package. I was planing to make a new release of the unstable branch
(O.7.x) in order to upload it in 'experimental' but I had a problem with 
its init scripts.

The problem is that a Debian package has not the right to modify 
automaticaly things under the /etc dir. That means that murasaki itself 
is not allowed to write anything in /etc/murasaki/*.

Instead of modifing the content of /etc/murasaki/* please could you
consider moving files under /var/run/murasaki or something like that.
(/var/cache/murasaki or /var/lib/murasaki, etc...)

-From the Debian policy :
"Note that a package should not modify a dpkg-handled conffile in its
maintainer scripts. Doing this will lead to dpkg giving the user
confusing and possibly dangerous options for conffile update when the
package is upgraded. "
( -- E1)

Moreover as a reference you can read the following email from Russell

Do you think it's something possible or not? 

Thanks in advance for your answer.

                                Pierre Machard
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