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Accepted netatalk 3.1.12~ds-1 (source) into unstable

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2019 12:54:10 +0100
Source: netatalk
Architecture: source
Version: 3.1.12~ds-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Netatalk team <>
Changed-By: Jonas Smedegaard <>
Closes: 66875 86185 141405 187512 316563 336495 467513 467514 489800 599402 652825 660768 685878 716165 772280
 netatalk (3.1.12~ds-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ upstream ]
   * New release(s).
     Closes: Bug#685878.
     + AppleTalk networking protocol support dropped.
       Closes: Bug#187512, #467513, #467514, #489800, #599402, #652825, #660768.
     + Printer Access Protocol (PAP) support dropped.
       Closes: Bug#66875, #86185, #141405, #316563, #336495, #772280, #716165.
   [ Igor Bernstein ]
   * Drop patches and configure options obsoleted by upstream changes.
   * Stop install documentation no longer provided upstream.
   * Install shared library and files in /var/lib, actually used now.
   [ Michele Porelli ]
   * Change init style to systemd.
   [ Adrian Knoth ]
   * Drop rules for uniconv.
   * Build-depend on dh-systemd.
   [ Jonas Smedegaard ]
   * Re-add sysV init script, alongside systemd.
   * Repackage upstream source:
     + Exclude embedded code copies of libtalloc libtdb.
     + Exclude pre-generated spotlight code.
   * Update patches:
     + Drop patches applied upstream.
     + Extend patch 103 with fixes for additional typos.
     + Add patch 204 to use FHS-compatible state dir /var/lib/netatalk.
     + Unfuzz patches.
   * Update watch file:
     + Rewrite usage comment.
     + Use substitution strings.
     + Use suffix ~ds for repackaged upstream source.
   * Update copyright info:
     + Fix track scripts by HAT, licensed GPL-2+.
     + Update coverage, track exclusions, and stop track gone files.
     + Track new source files licensed GPL-2/GPL-2+/Autoconf-or-GPL-3+.
   * Build linked with system shared libtalloc libtdb.
     Add patches 101 201 to use system shared libraries libtalloc libtdb.
     Build-depend on libtalloc-dev libtdb-dev.
   * Enable AFPStats D-Bus service.
     Add patch 102 to migrate to and use python3.
     Build-depend on libdbus-glib-1-dev.
     Recommend dbus python3 python3-dbus.
   * Enable integration with SystemTap.
     Build-depend on systemtap-sdt-dev.
   * Add NEWS entry listing disruptive changes.
   * Stop create obsolete directory var/spool/netatalk.
   * Stop provide unmaintained logcheck snippets.
   * Enable autopkgtest.
   * Improve build-time check for OpenSSL license violation.
   * Avoid install manpages for obsolete or avoided commands.
   * Update documentation:
     + Drop duplicated changelog and copyright info in README.Debian.
     + Drop obsolete README.Debian note about manual BerkeleyDB migration,
       and about AppleTalk DDP and host-to-ip resolving.
   * Stop build GSS UAM (except in custom build):
     Causes license violation linking against OpenSSL.
     Stop build-depend on libkrb5-dev.
     Update documentation to mention GSS UAM in OpenSSL notes.
   * Build new mysql UAM, linking against libmysqlclient
     (not libmariadb to avoid license violation).
     Build-depend on libmysqlclient-dev.
   * Fix stop enable cracklib support,
     needed only with randnum UAM which requires OpenSSL.
     Update documentation.
     Stop build-depend on libcrack2-dev.
     Stop recommend libpam-cracklib, avahi-daemon.
   * Update short and long descriptions
     to talk only about Apple Filing Protocol
     (not obsolete AppleTalk protocol),
     and elaborate on differences with SMB protocol.
   * Stop build-depend on libcups2-dev, recommend rc db-util,
     or suggest texlive-base-bin quota:
     Needed for no longer provided features.
   * Enable Spotlight integration with tracker.
     Build-depend on bison flex: Needed to generate Spotlight code.
     Build-depend on libtracker-miner-2.0-dev libtracker-sparql-2.0-dev.
     Build-depend on and recommend tracker.
   * Add patch 104 to modernize Systemd service file.
 f47bac4c34a6de9c8c15c9232bc0c13fe80f5cba 2512 netatalk_3.1.12~ds-1.dsc
 4e74bef5aa967b56058e17c1cd482dec3534337e 1412452 netatalk_3.1.12~ds.orig.tar.xz
 e24296714ff4b162271d3aa2576dde674a9f754e 54836 netatalk_3.1.12~ds-1.debian.tar.xz
 5f775af3121deaa413f405759f90f003908c8336 9573 netatalk_3.1.12~ds-1_amd64.buildinfo
 6b69b75dbfe2177e45c52d8618fbcc7a74d0bf266990e66421237e65d9cbd271 2512 netatalk_3.1.12~ds-1.dsc
 fd1161dc17e3263f27204b6589045d56173d13c8e308311b09a6e0a7d1f1ca96 1412452 netatalk_3.1.12~ds.orig.tar.xz
 4a9ff4d094cd8832497102e4cf8e2f89d99378b7fd75c3de7366397a81ae73c7 54836 netatalk_3.1.12~ds-1.debian.tar.xz
 f5ce55ccb0b51c82b9b262817bf8b908f06c27640c4ed469fc212bcb19296761 9573 netatalk_3.1.12~ds-1_amd64.buildinfo
 8d92663a0044c5f5de563d526904a765 2512 net optional netatalk_3.1.12~ds-1.dsc
 7ef9068c950dfbdf7e0e59a3f081c95f 1412452 net optional netatalk_3.1.12~ds.orig.tar.xz
 2283fab4ee65d158dcf7593796169abe 54836 net optional netatalk_3.1.12~ds-1.debian.tar.xz
 6099844a32c11351d8d5da58b92f9879 9573 net optional netatalk_3.1.12~ds-1_amd64.buildinfo