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Accepted netcfg 1.90 (source amd64)

Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 19:32:30 +0200
Source: netcfg
Binary: netcfg netcfg-static
Architecture: source amd64
Version: 1.90
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <>
Changed-By: Philipp Kern <>
 netcfg     - Configure the network (udeb)
 netcfg-static - Configure a static network (udeb)
Closes: 231003
 netcfg (1.90) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Philipp Kern ]
   * netcfg.h: drop ip6-localnet (obsolete)
   * netcfg.h: drop ip6-mcastprefix (no need for it to be in /etc/hosts)
   * netcfg-common.c (is_layer3_qeth): fix off-by-one, introduce a constant
   * Fully support installation over IPv6. (Closes: #231003)
   [ Matt Palmer ]
   * Pull NULL_IPADDRESS out into a global constant
   * Refactor out some program-global variables
   * Only flush address families we manage
   * Remove global variable netcfg_progress_displayed
   * Remove gateway from being a global var, and turn it into a string
   * Make nameserver_array a local, and an array of strings
   * Move the rest of the static-specific globals into functions
   * Convert all remaining in_addr variables to strings
   * Create and use a struct to store all network interface settings
   * Add test framework, and make inet_mton support AF_INET6
   * Add missing instructions to test/README
   * Add netcfg_parse_cidr_address to do protocol-independent address parsing
   * Add test/run to gitignore
   * Make a few more functions IPv6 aware
   * First working draft of IPv6 support
   * Support IPv6 netmasks, for people who like typing too much
   * Add ethtool-lite.o to test build objects, so things build
   * Don't run the test suite on package build
   * Make no_default_route take IPv6 into account
   * Make read_resolv_conf_nameservers handle IPv6 addresses
   * Detect and use autoconfigured IPv6 addresses (part 1)
   * SLAAC detection support in kFreeBSD
   * Add proper GPL header to ipv6.c
   [ Colin Watson ]
   * Move wireless options into struct netcfg_interface
   [ Matt Palmer ]
   * Refactor /etc/network/interfaces writing code
   * Obtain DNS resolvers via RA options
   * IPv6 support for using rDNS to preseed hostnames
   * Deal with stateless DHCPv6
   * Don't use wide-dhcpv6 on non-Linux arches
   * Use dhclient -6 to support stateless DHCP on FreeBSD
   * Fix the 'get default IPv6 route' command on freebsd
   * Modify the way that rdisc6 is called to make the progress bar more
   [ Colin Watson ]
   * Get DNS and search information when doing stateless DHCPv6
   * Stateful DHCPv6 support
   * Add dual-stack support
   * Kill stateless dhcp6c from netcfg rather than from print-dhcp6c-info
   * Select DHCPv6 client at run-time
   * Fix up test suite to pass again
   * Remove di_debug calls from signal handlers
   * Exit immediately if daemon() fails
   * Use a sentinel file to determine whether dhcp6c has finished
   * Fix dhclient DUID generation
   * Release isc-dhcp-client IPv6 leases at end of install
   * Remove usleep workaround in stop_rdnssd; avoiding the use of stdio in
     signal handlers should have fixed this
   * Make sure domain is empty if fgets fails
   * print-dhcpv6-info: Exit immediately if reason is not BOUND6, RENEW6, or
   * Don't bother unlinking /var/lib/netcfg/dhcp6c-finished unless we're
     using dhcp6c
   * print-dhcpv6-info: Actually apply IPv6 address and resolv.conf entries
     received from the DHCPv6 server
   * Don't preseed IP addresses as hostnames
   [ Philipp Kern ]
   * autoconfig.c: initialize getline's lineptr with NULL
   * ipv6.c: force stateless_config to 0 if stateful_config is set also
   * dhcp.c: fix dhcp_hostname handling
   [ Christian Perrier ]
   * Style corrections to debconf templates. (Reviewed by Justin B Rye.)
 11d4391d64315fa5dcd0839e8b6d7c193fd00e8d 1478 netcfg_1.90.dsc
 19cb4d9cc3e3a3ebd67e9e09736695fb288b4d4d 700115 netcfg_1.90.tar.gz
 401d0bf9d685deb57cdb8de33cadc2733cb2e671 371994 netcfg_1.90_amd64.udeb
 008729285893ba1ce0868ed6837804b64530822c 285968 netcfg-static_1.90_amd64.udeb
 87c250404b6ff0816d60e6e3053f9d575df2f23decd3f8c168cf7324ff2ace15 1478 netcfg_1.90.dsc
 d1cef6173c4aa4359faf3cdb9dda28c84a60f9a7638111a1e1cf8b568c4d5b9c 700115 netcfg_1.90.tar.gz
 be2b2c3d44d0523496a42504a1723e2fa761f6a8f30ea624ddbef154d7006702 371994 netcfg_1.90_amd64.udeb
 c2a60fb84bebc3b51eb3d4b8c661ed8473688a0d1cd31669460a48c4cd4aa9da 285968 netcfg-static_1.90_amd64.udeb
 e4437d60994894f29249409e3fc3e79e 1478 debian-installer optional netcfg_1.90.dsc
 cc49c44562b450fb4a905398d30e38ff 700115 debian-installer optional netcfg_1.90.tar.gz
 3b24271e6f0fc4553bbe16963e88a9c4 371994 debian-installer optional netcfg_1.90_amd64.udeb
 4ddab6d398ad6aa0999b223aa1632c9a 285968 debian-installer optional netcfg-static_1.90_amd64.udeb

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