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Accepted nis 4.0 (source) into unstable

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2021 12:16:28 +0100
Source: nis
Architecture: source
Version: 4.0
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>
Changed-By: Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>
Closes: 118023 126177 213733 231808 256979 329382 437639 545723 558456 589821 631628 703667 798339 800002 878625 886331 890994 979371
 nis (4.0) unstable; urgency=medium
    == The 'Welcome in 21th century' edition ==
   * Package split in three different new source packages. This package is now
     an arch-indep native meta-package that depends on ypserv, ypbind-mt and
     yp-tools. This has also the advantage of being the same structure used by
     other distributions. Added a pair of Provides - nis-client and nis-server
     - to be more explicit for new users.
   * All upstream software is now up-to-date.
     (closes: #800002)
   * All packages use new d-helper and policy ATM, that solve a few different
     historical issues.
     (closes: #631628, #437639, #545723)
   * The purpose of this package is helping the transition to the new
     organization of the NIS stuff. Existing configurations should be upgraded
     smoothly via postinst, or almost.
   * All debconf stuff now removed. Now administrator has to set
     /etc/defaultdomain and accurately follow the nis.debian.howto document
     provided in order to setup servers and clients for all possible cases.
     (closes: #558456, #231808)
   * All packages now use systemd units and timer, when available.
     The traditional /etc/default/nis configuration file is still
     optionally used if the admin needed to change options. This also
     solves improper start/stop in chroot.
     (closes: #589821, #256979, #890994)
   * The traditional init scripts are still provided and can be used with sysvrc
     init for flavors/administrators that prefer so.
   * The original init script is now split in yserv and ypbind-mt and removed here
     to avoid to cope with annoying warnings about missing systemd services for nis.
     The new scripts are a lot more simple and mimic the behavior of systemd
     services, i.e. start/stop daemon and nothing more. They are still controlled
     by NIS(MASTER|CLIENT) vars in /etc/default/nis.
   * All historical patches, scripts and stuff here and there have been now
   * Now nscd | unscd is a recommendation of ypbind-mt. That implies that
     restarting those services is totally an admin's duty when maps change.
     (closes: #878625)
   * Thanks to use of systemd units, now postinst/prerm scripts in general do not
     start/stop/restart anything, but for the one time upgrade from 3.17 -> 4.0.
     All that is left to systemd. Even, in that case the scripts don't fail.
     That implies that in general ypbind shouldn't simply block an upgrade
     or remove, because they are totally controlled by admin who should
     undestand in what cases stopping ypserv could hang ypbind and PAM for
     minutes. Maintain a resilient configuration (i.e. setup multiple servers)
     in NIS is mandatory!
     Also, the admin can restart services at her/his will, and specifically
     ypbind should be stopped before a ypserv restart and then started again
     after, when servers are not redundant. That should hopefully fix the RPC
     timeouts that happen in some corner cases.
     (closes: #118023, #703667, #886331, #213733, #798339)
   * Current ypserv binds on all available interfaces. Also, ypbind honors
     loopback address in /etc/yp.conf and has eventually also a -local-only to
     bind only to localhost. No more denied messages on multi-homed hosts.
     (closes: #126177, #329382)
   * preinst/postinst should take care of a smooth upgrade from 3.17 and stop
     NIS services, then reactivate them via systemd, iff sysvrc is not in use.
   * Introduced Pre-Depends to depend on init-systems-helper >= 1.58. That's
     to use deb-systemd-invoke and do The Right Thing.
   * Systems that need to enable NIS auth via ypbind should also install
     libnss-nis, which is now separated from glibc and only recommended.
     So introduced a Recommends also in ypbind-mt.
     (closes: #979371)
   * The broadcast mode is not more the defaut for ypbind at start and should
     be deprecated, because it creates more problems than it solves.
 d36a51c2e91fa95018761204c2d26f9b9e99b6a3 1518 nis_4.0.dsc
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