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Accepted openssh 1:8.2p1-3 (source) into unstable

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Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2020 13:30:01 +0000
Source: openssh
Architecture: source
Version: 1:8.2p1-3
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian OpenSSH Maintainers <>
Changed-By: Colin Watson <>
Closes: 275458 631189 845315 951220 951582 951640
 openssh (1:8.2p1-3) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Reupload with -sa to work around confusion with 1:8.2p1-1 being in NEW.
 openssh (1:8.2p1-2) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Move ssh-sk-helper into openssh-client rather than shipping it in a
     separate package.  The extra library dependencies are pretty small, so
     it doesn't seem worth bloating the Packages file.  Suggested by Bastian
 openssh (1:8.2p1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New upstream release (, closes:
     - ssh(1), sshd(8), ssh-keygen(1): this release removes the "ssh-rsa"
       (RSA/SHA1) algorithm from those accepted for certificate signatures
       (i.e. the client and server CASignatureAlgorithms option) and will use
       the rsa-sha2-512 signature algorithm by default when the ssh-keygen(1)
       CA signs new certificates.
     - ssh(1), sshd(8): Remove diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 from the default
       key exchange proposal for both the client and server.
     - ssh-keygen(1): The command-line options related to the generation and
       screening of safe prime numbers used by the
       diffie-hellman-group-exchange-* key exchange algorithms have changed.
       Most options have been folded under the -O flag.
     - sshd(8): The sshd listener process title visible to ps(1) has changed
       to include information about the number of connections that are
       currently attempting authentication and the limits configured by
     - Add support for FIDO/U2F hardware authenticators.
     - ssh-keygen(1): Add a "no-touch-required" option when generating
       FIDO-hosted keys, that disables their default behaviour of requiring a
       physical touch/tap on the token during authentication.  Note: not all
       tokens support disabling the touch requirement.
     - sshd(8): Add a sshd_config PubkeyAuthOptions directive that collects
       miscellaneous public key authentication-related options for sshd(8).
       At present it supports only a single option "no-touch-required".  This
       causes sshd to skip its default check for FIDO/U2F keys that the
       signature was authorised by a touch or press event on the token
     - ssh(1), sshd(8), ssh-keygen(1): Add a "no-touch-required" option for
       authorized_keys and a similar extension for certificates.  This option
       disables the default requirement that FIDO key signatures attest that
       the user touched their key to authorize them, mirroring the similar
       PubkeyAuthOptions sshd_config option.
     - ssh-keygen(1): Add support for the writing the FIDO attestation
       information that is returned when new keys are generated via the "-O
       write-attestation=/path" option.  FIDO attestation certificates may be
       used to verify that a FIDO key is hosted in trusted hardware.  OpenSSH
       does not currently make use of this information, beyond optionally
       writing it to disk.
     - Add support for FIDO2 resident keys.
     - sshd(8): Add an Include sshd_config keyword that allows including
       additional configuration files via glob(3) patterns (closes: #631189).
     - ssh(1)/sshd(8): Make the LE (low effort) DSCP code point available via
       the IPQoS directive.
     - ssh(1): When AddKeysToAgent=yes is set and the key contains no
       comment, add the key to the agent with the key's path as the comment.
     - ssh-keygen(1), ssh-agent(1): Expose PKCS#11 key labels and X.509
       subjects as key comments, rather than simply listing the PKCS#11
       provider library path.
     - ssh-keygen(1): Allow PEM export of DSA and ECDSA keys.
     - sshd(8): When clients get denied by MaxStartups, send a notification
       prior to the SSH2 protocol banner according to RFC4253 section 4.2
       (closes: #275458).
     - ssh(1), ssh-agent(1): When invoking the $SSH_ASKPASS prompt program,
       pass a hint to the program to describe the type of desired prompt.
       The possible values are "confirm" (indicating that a yes/no
       confirmation dialog with no text entry should be shown), "none" (to
       indicate an informational message only), or blank for the original
       ssh-askpass behaviour of requesting a password/phrase.
     - ssh(1): Allow forwarding a different agent socket to the path
       specified by $SSH_AUTH_SOCK, by extending the existing ForwardAgent
       option to accepting an explicit path or the name of an environment
       variable in addition to yes/no.
     - ssh-keygen(1): Add a new signature operations "find-principals" to
       look up the principal associated with a signature from an
       allowed-signers file.
     - sshd(8): Expose the number of currently-authenticating connections
       along with the MaxStartups limit in the process title visible to "ps".
     - sshd(8): Make ClientAliveCountMax=0 have sensible semantics: it will
       now disable connection killing entirely rather than the current
       behaviour of instantly killing the connection after the first liveness
       test regardless of success.
     - sshd(8): Clarify order of AllowUsers / DenyUsers vs AllowGroups /
       DenyGroups in the sshd(8) manual page.
     - sshd(8): Better describe HashKnownHosts in the manual page.
     - sshd(8): Clarify that that permitopen=/PermitOpen do no name or
       address translation in the manual page.
     - sshd(8): Allow the UpdateHostKeys feature to function when multiple
       known_hosts files are in use.  When updating host keys, ssh will now
       search subsequent known_hosts files, but will add updated host keys to
       the first specified file only.
     - All: Replace all calls to signal(2) with a wrapper around
       sigaction(2).  This wrapper blocks all other signals during the
       handler preventing races between handlers, and sets SA_RESTART which
       should reduce the potential for short read/write operations.
     - sftp(1): Fix a race condition in the SIGCHILD handler that could turn
       in to a kill(-1).
     - sshd(8): Fix a case where valid (but extremely large) SSH channel IDs
       were being incorrectly rejected.
     - ssh(1): When checking host key fingerprints as answers to new hostkey
       prompts, ignore whitespace surrounding the fingerprint itself.
     - All: Wait for file descriptors to be readable or writeable during
       non-blocking connect, not just readable.  Prevents a timeout when the
       server doesn't immediately send a banner (e.g. multiplexers like
     - sshd_config(5): Document the
       key exchange algorithm.
   * Add more historical md5sums of /etc/ssh/sshd_config between 1:7.4p1-1
     and 1:7.8p1-1 inclusive (closes: #951220).
   * ssh(1): Explain that -Y is equivalent to -X in the default configuration
     (closes: #951640).
   * Include /etc/ssh/ssh_config.d/*.conf from /etc/ssh/ssh_config and
     /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/*.conf from /etc/ssh/sshd_config (closes:
 6b2d760e407d66abc925608ea02918aaecf60dd0 3342 openssh_8.2p1-3.dsc
 f4ff0b48bd4ea5b10a12bbd93a8e7abda761500f 173988 openssh_8.2p1-3.debian.tar.xz
 d1ab35a93507321c5db885e02d41ce1414f0507c 1701197 openssh_8.2p1.orig.tar.gz
 d3814ab57572c13bdee2037ad1477e2f7c51e1b0 683 openssh_8.2p1.orig.tar.gz.asc
 78c26e23d7258237c69502a12d25f1e1598274ef789e5fc5faef9b801fddbf5c 3342 openssh_8.2p1-3.dsc
 427f68ab8dbfa1b70c742490d7edf565cc1ced2969854a5777b9b8dc7e9fd8f0 173988 openssh_8.2p1-3.debian.tar.xz
 43925151e6cf6cee1450190c0e9af4dc36b41c12737619edff8bcebdff64e671 1701197 openssh_8.2p1.orig.tar.gz
 4f358bb57cb5446a7a8bf986ff5cd835fd1e03f33561df883dfd3f893cd6fe86 683 openssh_8.2p1.orig.tar.gz.asc
 0f9db36ab2aed3e898aa1a2f8dda3db6 3342 net standard openssh_8.2p1-3.dsc
 d7573df7de8d81abf1c47d692e795138 173988 net standard openssh_8.2p1-3.debian.tar.xz
 3076e6413e8dbe56d33848c1054ac091 1701197 net standard openssh_8.2p1.orig.tar.gz
 8501565a766e1a50a7e6179079f3c671 683 net standard openssh_8.2p1.orig.tar.gz.asc