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Accepted resolvconf 1.80 (source) into unstable

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Format: 1.8
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2019 16:45:20 +0100
Source: resolvconf
Architecture: source
Version: 1.80
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: resolvconf team <>
Changed-By: Andrej Shadura <>
Closes: 832394 847440 877695 905907
Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 924836 1610479 1636912 1638836 1713149 1817903 1825194
 resolvconf (1.80) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Thomas Hood ]
   * Bump Standards-Version; no changes required
   * Fix postrm for Ubuntu (LP: 1593489)
   * Update README to reflect the removal of pdnsd from the archive
   * In unit file use (Closes: #847440
     and LP: #1636912). Thanks to Ryan Harper.
   * Add systemd predictable interface name patterns (Closes: #877695,
     #905907). Thanks to Kevin Otte for the patch in LP: #1610479.
   [ Steve Langasek ]
   * Eliminate all references to /etc/resolvconf/run.  This should all be done
     directly in /run, there is no reason to support making any of this
     configurable with a symlink since we already have a versioned dependency
     on the version of initscripts that introduces the /run transition.
   * etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head: add comment about
     'systemd-resolve --status', since systemd-resolved is now in use in all
     but the most unusual configurations, and expert users should be given
     guidance where to find the actual nameservers for debugging purposes.
     LP: #1638836.
   [ Martin Pitt ]
   * debian/postinst: Make /etc/resolv.conf a relative symlink so that it
     works when setting up chroots.
   [ Dimitri John Ledkov ]
   * Drop ifupdown dependency.
   * Drop upstart system job.
   * Use readlink -m when checking the link's destination.
     (LP: #924836)
   * Dereference /etc/resolf.conf when creating runtime configuration when
     migrating to resolvconf managed /etc/resolv.conf. The contents of
     /etc/resolv.conf (rather than the symlink target information) is
     needed in /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf and
     /run/resolvconf/interface/original.resolvconf during migration until
     resolvconf updates the config next. (LP: #1713149)
   * Move resolvconf & resolved integration system units from src:systemd
     to src:resolvconf. Also use a different unit name, to avoid
   * debian/postrm: if resolved managed stub config is available, migrate
     to it upon resolvconf removal.
   [ Dan Streetman ]
   * Filter out the edns0 option that systemd-resolved has recently added
     to its stub-resolv.conf. Using the stub conf with edns0 set with
     non-local DNS servers can break name resolution. (LP: #1817903)
   [ Alfonso Sánchez-Beato ]
   * bin/resolvconf: use flock so resolvconf can be called in parallel
     safely (LP: #1825194).
   [ Andrej Shadura ]
   * Add /usr/sbin and /usr/bin to PATH (Closes: #832394).
   * Update the team email address.
   * Wrap and sort.
   * Add myself as a co-maintainer.
   * Verify ifquery is available before running it (we no longer require
   * Remove id-length from gbp.conf so commit hashes are not prepended
     to the changelog entries.
   * Port debian/rules to the dh 12 short form.
   * d/copyright: Use https protocol in Format field.
   * d/changelog: Remove trailing whitespaces.
   * d/control: Set Vcs-* to
   [ Théophile Helleboid ]
   * Add vpn* to the interfaces-order list.
 b1cedf9e2c4704a13472bc25d792dc86c61ee1b3 1483 resolvconf_1.80.dsc
 6662f84ad411c072cfadb39160eda53d6cef7de2 72856 resolvconf_1.80.tar.xz
 3daf174a5bbed580e802264750f31f63f006f7fbd2797e1fa97f7cbc9c60bfcf 1483 resolvconf_1.80.dsc
 edad207fffa6612b7f547dc75f165d170b3d4b5f50028d2984d60d1136f07eae 72856 resolvconf_1.80.tar.xz
 c3311134a4e94737669a016158b830d2 1483 net optional resolvconf_1.80.dsc
 b5739955a4958a7aad18df6b6eb565b0 72856 net optional resolvconf_1.80.tar.xz