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Accepted sisu 5.8.0-1 (source all) into unstable

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2015 14:22:12 -0400
Source: sisu
Binary: sisu sisu-complete sisu-pdf sisu-postgresql sisu-sqlite
Architecture: source all
Version: 5.8.0-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: SiSU Project <>
Changed-By: Ralph Amissah <>
 sisu       - documents - structuring, publishing in multiple formats and searc
 sisu-complete - installs all SiSU related packages
 sisu-pdf   - dependencies to convert SiSU LaTeX output to pdf
 sisu-postgresql - SiSU dependencies for use with PostgreSQL database
 sisu-sqlite - SiSU dependencies for use with SQLite database
 sisu (5.8.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Ralph Amissah ]
   * [fa76295] v5 v6: version & changelog (upstream "UnFrozen" early)
     * "UnFrozen" prior to original time intended (end of Debian Freeze
       for Jessie), reason: the upstream bugfix 5.7.2 intended for
       Jessie (packaged for Debian as 5.7.1-2) was not accepted; this
       means even if another patch does get sent for Jessie, it will
       not be from upstream branch)
     * post Debian:Jessie development commits
   * [9c443e4] year set 2015 (prepare for the new year)
   * [1db1a6e] qi, (quick install) header update (also rbuild)
   * [2f2a115] sisu-mode.el emacs, outline mode "folding" for sisu
   * [ce99ce5] CHANGELOGS formatted for viewing as emacs org-mode files
     * indentation, line-breaking, and formatting characters only changes made
   * [a0242f5] org files related to sisu, break up and place in own subdir
   * [17c8e96] org files, minor editing
   * [98c8c90] v5 v6: code headers reformatted for viewing as org-mode files
   * [4db4dcc] c&d: project dir structure, libs moved under new branch names
     * libs & version files under new branch names: current & develop
     * previously under branch version numbers (v5|v6)
     * version .yml files moved
     * associated adjustments made as required, notably to:
       bin/sisu se* qi* (file headers); breakage potential, testing
     * [on dir names, want release to (alphabetically) precede
       next/development, considered (cur|dev)
       (current|(dev|development|progress|next)) (stable|unstable),
       alpha sorting fail (release|(next|develop))]
   * [71badaf] c&d: version & branch info, changes related to move of lib dirs
   * [1b77c14] d: track changes to sisu_version info
   * [6472970] d: in dp (param) project_details used instead of sisu_version
   * [802c362] d: misc mostly minor
     * html endnote segment, heading endnote, link back to html scroll
     * epub endnote segment fails, issue with match, fix
     * dp, remark if no existing option selected
   * [da4985c] d: ao, rearrange, introduce new file
   * [e0fcd08] d: txt outputs, reorganize, introduce new files
   * [a37a13f] d: orgmode, add orgmode structure output to txts
   * [1625f31] d: html, segments, reorganize, introduce new file
   * [563195c] d: epub, reorganize, introduce new file
   * [5803430] d: xmls, reorganize, introduce new file
   * [6bb4c19] c&d, cgi, search form, html ref, remove leading o ocn, bugfix
     * in html (on use of html5), removed leading 'o' before ocn, not
       reflected in generated cgi, sample search form, so, does not
       jump to the (otherwise correctly) identified location
   * [7d9281c] c&d: html, output by filename, filenames, fix
   * [7d8015c] d: persist, address garbage collection issue, bug, fix
     * related to code related changes (re: "persistence") in
       recent reorganization of txt, html, epub, xmls etc.
   * [4b2eb9f] gitignore, ignore
     * another emacs tmp file pattern
     * rb dev tmp backup files, should they ever exist ignore
   * [81c9e52] consider
   * [8afb40c] c&d: small fixes
   * [881e80c] c&d: html, ocn link back to self reinstated
     * requested, used as quick means to get object url reference link
     * d: removed ocn_html_identifier variable, unnecessary in html5
       (requirement previously forced by html4)
   * [059e312] c&d: po4a (& git) revisited, revisit
   * [7f0d5e9] c&d: po4a, book index, reinstate
   * [f23af59] d: po4a, init, if lang src == translation, empty translation field
   * [311c40a] d: po4a, stub for auto-translate
     * intention (stub only, not implemented)
       * '--po4a --trans --glob test.sst' run against
         en/test.sst fr/test.sst
       * '--po4a --trans-en:fr en/test.sst'
       to send identical text objects to using 'trans'
       and populate po file with results for placing future translation
       under po4a management
   * [dd224ef] d: po4a, reorganize a bit
   * [a25c640] d: po4a, continue reorganization (translation request dev stopped)
     * --po4a run against different language versions of sisu markup
       files (representing the same document in different languages)
       initializes po4a structure to place those documents under future
       po4a management
     * includes command line translation request
       (use command line program 'trans' to pass request to, stopped for now)
       NOTE in case future development is restarted: to test, remove
       code line 'auto_translate?(:skip)' that follows
       'def auto_translation(src_txt,markup=:src)'; place identical
       english sisu markup files in en/test.sst fr/test.sst (or under
       the language code to be tested) and run against en/test.sst
       fr/test.sst e.g. '--po4a --trans --glob test.sst'
       this send identical text objects to using
       'trans' and populate po file with results for placing future
       translation under po4a management, however in initial tests
       insufficient cleanly translated paragraphs were returned,
       so stopped development for now. (no attempt at initialization
       of new non-existent files using --trans-en:es,fr,de format)
     * [hub_options, if development of trans is pursued later consider
       the possibility of modifying the --trans string options to add
       an optional timeout value, &; possibly modifying po4a code so
       timeout may occur a fixed number of times before skipping
       translation request attempts for the remainder].
   * [1668192] d: composite documents (.ssm), extract insert files list
   * [01ce3c4] c&d: some cruft
   * [b2ccc63] bin + c&d: RbConfig (instead of Config, switch)
   * [802bf61] bin/sisu + c&d: SiSU_is now methods (instead of hash)
   * [127db38] d: utils_response, ease selection options
   * [23a3bb7] d: utils_response, rely on module (remove class) extend module
     * update a couple of affected files
   * [28097d4] sisu po4a ruby thor Rakefile equivalent (& cosmetic edit to qi)
   * [b36588c] bin/sisu-misc-utils + c&d: lib sisu_thor_lib currently only po4a
     * uses po4a to create po files with empty translation strings
     * in appropriately configured directory e.g.
       "data/doc/sisu/markup-samples/manual" have file named:
       "languages_source_and_targets" containing e.g.:
         source: en
         targets: de fr es ja ru zh
       command examples:
         ruby ~snx/bin/sisu-misc-utils po4a --next --clean
         ruby ~snx/bin/sisu-misc-utils po4a --next --distclean
         ruby ~snx/bin/sisu-misc-utils po4a --next --make
   * [6ae2316] d: po4a, provide po4a.cfg file
   * [adf811c] d: po4a_shelf, shelf current po4a, change tack
   * [45d6d69] d: po4a, initialize either directly with sst or passed through ao
     * creates source language directory with source markup files
       (.sst .ssm .ssi) & the po4a.cfg configuration file, then runs
       po4a to place the markup source under po4a translation
     * --po4a-sst uses original sisu markup source as described above
     * --po4a-ao passes sisu source markup through document abstraction
       before converting back to a sisu markup source markup equivalent
       of the original document, it does this in an attempt to get more
       uniform output, and put footnotes for example if any in a form
       that is easier to translate
       --po4a-ao -v --trans-en:fr,es en/live-manual.ssm
       --po4a-ao -v --trans-en:fr,es en/live-manual.ssm \
       in the latter example also runs sisu marked up "es" document
       through document abstraction and returns a sisu markup source
       version of the document, and against this gettext is (or can be
       run) to (attempt to) have the source and target languages
       together in the po/es file
     * all quite rough, will need to be revisited,
     * these for now replace the renamed --po4a-shelf (formerly --po4a)
   * [19d976c] gitignore, minor
   * [9a05bd6] c&d: misc, largely but not entirely cosmetic
   * [2462490] c&d: ao regex matches, auto match possessives ending in 's
     * header regex matches for bold & italics, auto match possessives
       ending in 's
   * [70cf530] d: manpage fix
   * [aae3c4c] d: manifest add html ids to label/identify content
   * [64dfdcc] d: ao & elsewhere, use of map & select
   * [e7ce21a] d: bibliography marked up section of citations & metadata
     * if any order is as follows: endnotes; bibliography; index
     * to trigger, identify the bibliography section using heading
     * and either:
       * provide tagged bibliography at end of document, along with
         an id for use in footnotes & the short title that should
         be used to substitute the id
       * tag citations in footnotes that should appear in
     * bibliography currently sorted on last name year and title
     * first pass (see documentation to be provided)
   * [28203de] documentation update to mention bibliography
   * [8a8d714] gitignore, minor adjustment
   * [1661513] c&d: cleaning
   * [aa72429] d: ao_doc_objects fix for ao_doc_str
   * [8f28f4c] c&d: se_programs for "which" i/o redirection of error message
   * [906634e] c&d: pass info needed make run better without install
   * [7ae4b45] c&d: sort image path when run from project dir (not installed)
   * [28c2105], prevent subscripting (by underscore) mangles file paths
   * [096c888] sisu packaging notes
   * [72fbfab] qi (quick install) fix
   * [490b371] install related, qi (quick install) & rake
   * [0949796] documentation, acquiring source & installation, minor
   * [d0ad76e] bin/sisu when run from dir tree, check git describe version info
   * [0ec4b39] d: hub, if run from dir tree check git describe version info
   * [ae27356] gitignore adjustments
   * [55cfe3b] git download info
   * [2f5043b] qi libs, minor, remove debian specific url
   * [b2ff4e7] c: hub options, fix
   * [6b91440] c&d: se_info_env, program images path
   * [e0edf0e] version & changelog, tag for release
   * [f7a336c] debian/copyright date
   * [f98fa23] remove debian/patches prepared during Debian Jessie freeze
   * [2a4bc8b] debian/control description modified, minor
 7e4669445d3a720978a9e2ab03a552cf38ccdf0e 2020 sisu_5.8.0-1.dsc
 36cb279fbf3f04abdd38084ef50458d6840d3963 1278480 sisu_5.8.0.orig.tar.xz
 09f3c79b9bbed9ddc11d6d914a1969d041503437 71752 sisu_5.8.0-1.debian.tar.xz
 16df62a2baf4455af7b2f9a1391a138930076be8 1497546 sisu_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 4f0684b891129189ddca3b3c1588910c875da7c2 81346 sisu-complete_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 59c502e077c26874a42048825b9bf32b30f52f40 83122 sisu-pdf_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 031db89cb8260b8e353f5672c4f573ca09b207a1 82374 sisu-postgresql_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 c943d8369923e31301613f07620505a99b0ab73d 82332 sisu-sqlite_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 e26a54e12d42f39038c828dd8ba2685ef952c7173e1bff3ada8d55814a3d911d 2020 sisu_5.8.0-1.dsc
 ee1c049c5ad836ffbb6d3e72a3fbc317f1a22ddbcc89f219c779d7f5f790468c 1278480 sisu_5.8.0.orig.tar.xz
 6f30a7ac4d777016beb8a296fcb8b24c5ba322c4e356c9092de0e1dbbe9a6d3a 71752 sisu_5.8.0-1.debian.tar.xz
 eaaf398856d754f3cca7a83138781eb2109047796623ca985dc53450f7e3fcb9 1497546 sisu_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 e0760b52a279f5c4429cac399b784d3619e87f254ba9039682acf64dc3b4fc30 81346 sisu-complete_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 1bfc6e23a7a46640c75b96939ad040cfd3d44178292573d7b7aa76a7b57cc233 83122 sisu-pdf_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 57cb09b2d68eceff6fe935d2f480f84914c54305cd69e88936bbdf4ec427c44d 82374 sisu-postgresql_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 3b4d23f6ccc44bdc6a22138c6a7a5e2797e863921ec3d645a7f8c0cf6bdebbdd 82332 sisu-sqlite_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 a422cf3ddf155484859339b7ba0ff9ba 2020 text optional sisu_5.8.0-1.dsc
 b030fffcc6e1fb26b74b5fcfe87a2ce7 1278480 text optional sisu_5.8.0.orig.tar.xz
 f09822d55ae06b3a05979ee2f7d2bbe3 71752 text optional sisu_5.8.0-1.debian.tar.xz
 803b56edf53f84d9dd49935819ac559f 1497546 text optional sisu_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 f52c5907b6a238a15818529abd12e7dd 81346 text optional sisu-complete_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 372ae2c5e258e0bf79871a7c4476b99c 83122 text optional sisu-pdf_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 fe46cf7f31c26e940b35cf7300d4570e 82374 text optional sisu-postgresql_5.8.0-1_all.deb
 318a2987a63c2af70a9b6db8a347628d 82332 text optional sisu-sqlite_5.8.0-1_all.deb

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