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Accepted tor (source) into unstable

Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2017 23:32:58 +0100
Source: tor
Binary: tor tor-geoipdb
Architecture: source
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Peter Palfrader <>
Changed-By: Peter Palfrader <>
 tor        - anonymizing overlay network for TCP
 tor-geoipdb - GeoIP database for Tor
Closes: 700179 882281
 tor ( unstable; urgency=high
   * New upstream version, including among others:
     - Fix a denial of service bug where an attacker could use a
       malformed directory object to cause a Tor instance to pause while
       OpenSSL would try to read a passphrase from the terminal. (Tor
       instances run without a terminal, which is the case for most Tor
       packages, are not impacted.) Fixes bug 24246; bugfix on every
       version of Tor. Also tracked as TROVE-2017-011 and CVE-2017-8821.
       Found by OSS-Fuzz as testcase 6360145429790720.
     - Fix a denial of service issue where an attacker could crash a
       directory authority using a malformed router descriptor. Fixes bug
       24245; bugfix on Also tracked as TROVE-2017-010
       and CVE-2017-8820.
     - When checking for replays in the INTRODUCE1 cell data for a
       (legacy) onion service, correctly detect replays in the RSA-
       encrypted part of the cell. We were previously checking for
       replays on the entire cell, but those can be circumvented due to
       the malleability of Tor's legacy hybrid encryption. This fix helps
       prevent a traffic confirmation attack. Fixes bug 24244; bugfix on This issue is also tracked as TROVE-2017-009
       and CVE-2017-8819.
     - Fix a use-after-free error that could crash v2 Tor onion services
       when they failed to open circuits while expiring introduction
       points. Fixes bug 24313; bugfix on This issue is
       also tracked as TROVE-2017-013 and CVE-2017-8823.
     - When running as a relay, make sure that we never build a path
       through ourselves, even in the case where we have somehow lost the
       version of our descriptor appearing in the consensus. Fixes part
       of bug 21534; bugfix on This issue is also tracked
       as TROVE-2017-012 and CVE-2017-8822.
     - When running as a relay, make sure that we never choose ourselves
       as a guard. Fixes part of bug 21534; bugfix on This
       issue is also tracked as TROVE-2017-012 and CVE-2017-8822.
   * Build-depend on libcap-dev on linux-any so we can build tor with
     capabilities support to retain the capability to bind to low ports;
     closes: #882281, #700179.
 8c132af553721ba81f0d2a297f5141f5b455435d 1824 tor_0.3.1.9-1.dsc
 5d6d5f00691d35c782f9126b7ad70a678343a832 6092702 tor_0.3.1.9.orig.tar.gz
 7b33ff16dfe470cc5bd3af53960a7ebc7204f415 48881 tor_0.3.1.9-1.diff.gz
 d767ca3b900a839b03083a0492c0e2d08ddf0bb15bf9323fd1280d1f115714d2 1824 tor_0.3.1.9-1.dsc
 6e1b04f7890e782fd56014a0de5075e4ab29b52a35d8bca1f6b80c93f58f3d26 6092702 tor_0.3.1.9.orig.tar.gz
 dde9f4b63e0ec28d4d649988a494b0bb0e10897df2cb22268c9b2042f080d59f 48881 tor_0.3.1.9-1.diff.gz
 893c1b5715d321f859707836b2d00e61 1824 net optional tor_0.3.1.9-1.dsc
 585e62d086ae7df7cd873f735d726118 6092702 net optional tor_0.3.1.9.orig.tar.gz
 02e347d9a5e3bf1b8871dfd75eaa3d19 48881 net optional tor_0.3.1.9-1.diff.gz