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Accepted wireshark 3.0.3-1 (source) into unstable

Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2019 15:34:29 +0200
Source: wireshark
Binary: wireshark-common wireshark wireshark-qt wireshark-gtk tshark wireshark-dev wireshark-doc libwireshark12 libwsutil10 libwsutil-dev libwscodecs2 libwireshark-data libwireshark-dev libwiretap9 libwiretap-dev
Architecture: source
Version: 3.0.3-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Balint Reczey <>
Changed-By: Balint Reczey <>
 libwireshark-data - network packet dissection library -- data files
 libwireshark-dev - network packet dissection library -- development files
 libwireshark12 - network packet dissection library -- shared library
 libwiretap-dev - network packet capture library -- development files
 libwiretap9 - network packet capture library -- shared library
 libwscodecs2 - network packet dissection codecs library -- shared library
 libwsutil-dev - network packet dissection utilities library -- development files
 libwsutil10 - network packet dissection utilities library -- shared library
 tshark     - network traffic analyzer - console version
 wireshark  - network traffic analyzer - meta-package
 wireshark-common - network traffic analyzer - common files
 wireshark-dev - network traffic analyzer - development tools
 wireshark-doc - network traffic analyzer - documentation
 wireshark-gtk - transitional dummy package
 wireshark-qt - network traffic analyzer - Qt version
Closes: 660870 811327 851338 878726 929446
 wireshark (3.0.3-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Balint Reczey ]
   * Don't update version with tools/
   * Report upstream and package version instead of git revision
   * debian/gitlab-ci.yml: User minimal reference configuration
   * Make wireshark depend on the same version of wireshark-qt
   * New upstream version 3.0.3
     - security fixes:
       - ASN.1 BER and related dissectors crash. (CVE-2019-13619)
   * Update symbols files
   * Ignore failing tests on architectures where Lua tests are failing
   [ Topi Miettinen ]
   * Fix permission change in case of local diversions
     /usr/bin/dumpcap may be locally diverted to somewhere else, so let's
     query dpkg-divert for the current location.
   [ Peter Wu ]
   * debian/rules: reduce log spam from asn1 target.
     There are 3694 warnings for one of the following two messages:
        UserWarning: The same field names for different types. Explicit field renaming is recommended.
        UserWarning: The same type names for different types. Explicit type renaming is recommended.
     Both warnings are accompanied by some context. Since the packager is
     unlikely going to address these issues, and CI systems struggle with the
     size of the generated logs, disable this subset of warnings. The output
     of `ninja asn1` shrinks from 28191 lines (2.4MiB) to 483 lines (32KiB).
     Change-Id: I44e9e1ab40f2255136fb1440e3bde2ccc9e55295
 wireshark (3.0.2-1~exp0) experimental; urgency=medium
   * debian/rules: Don't override CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR for multiarch support
     Let the defaults take place and enable multiarch
   * debian/po/templates.pot: Update description and copyright
   * debian/copyright: List translators who contributed to debian/po/*
   * New upstream version 3.0.2
     - security fixes:
       - Wireshark dissection engine crash (CVE-2019-12295) (Closes: #929446)
       - NetScaler file parser crash. (CVE-2019-10895)
       - SRVLOC dissector crash. (CVE-2019-10899)
       - IEEE 802.11 dissector infinite loop. (CVE-2019-10897)
       - GSUP dissector infinite loop. (CVE-2019-10898)
       - Rbm dissector infinite loop. (CVE-2019-10900)
       - GSS-API dissector crash. (CVE-2019-10894)
       - DOF dissector crash. (CVE-2019-10896)
       - TSDNS dissector crash. (CVE-2019-10902)
       - LDSS dissector crash. (CVE-2019-10901)
       - DCERPC SPOOLSS dissector crash. (CVE-2019-10903)
   * Update symbols
 wireshark (3.0.0-1~exp0) experimental; urgency=medium
   * New upstream version 3.0.0
   * Stop shipping Wireshark's GTK+ GUI.
     Make wireshark-gtk a transitional package to wireshark-qt.
     (Closes: #851338, #878726, #660870, #811327)
   * Drop dependencies on autotool packages
   * Drop backport-releated build-dependency comments.
   * Migrate to using Python3
   * Drop portaudio19-dev from build-dependencies, qtmultimedia5-dev is enough
   * Build-depend on libsystemd-dev to support journal entries
   * Bump cmake build-depenency version to (>= 3.5)
   * Install new header files in libwsutil-dev
   * Update symbols files and SO versions
   * Refresh patches
   * debian/rules: Stop mangling version.conf
   * debian/rules: Drop backport-friendly comments about not building with Qt5
   * debian/rules: Build test binaries
   * wireshark-dev: Install .cmake files to their new location
   * Add back misc:Depends for wireshark-gtk to keep Lintian happy
   * Use packaged JS and CSS resources instead of pulling them from the Internet
   * libwscodecs2.lintian-overrides: Use glob to cover other versions and arches
   * Suggest GeoIP database packages
   * debian/maxmind_db_paths: Add /var/lib/GeoIP to the paths
 00f00286dbe9bb462724baa39ea4bd69011fab2d 3496 wireshark_3.0.3-1.dsc
 7adfb02aaea6445017634505c51add88aad3bd58 30722092 wireshark_3.0.3.orig.tar.xz
 14527ba3178d76fdc10307f44dc257bd9a2cb74b 73384 wireshark_3.0.3-1.debian.tar.xz
 f3a67fdacb2e36a40dc5fa2fb2ca028dc669026c 19476 wireshark_3.0.3-1_source.buildinfo
 db7c729061c890fbdbd90f99a3b35698160a50e4403a7b390b47ca8235b00131 3496 wireshark_3.0.3-1.dsc
 84197bc95af6eedb12f6bf5a7d35464318773a897bee2c5a59a7ad68d1c7e656 30722092 wireshark_3.0.3.orig.tar.xz
 af950186063b2761e29a29edb0feb9bcd5e0ca0a43c3fd1222b90ae3593f4f08 73384 wireshark_3.0.3-1.debian.tar.xz
 8e9ffa119496894cc5663691b287a4544860984c47a7a88a39cdc7d6aa06d4b6 19476 wireshark_3.0.3-1_source.buildinfo
 62c4050555cf5f1603e741635692ed1d 3496 net optional wireshark_3.0.3-1.dsc
 31ba39cd374787fa36e3e1066e28e715 30722092 net optional wireshark_3.0.3.orig.tar.xz
 0beccc2f3be6111688ebe89a01a5ae71 73384 net optional wireshark_3.0.3-1.debian.tar.xz
 be1aecd6cc2e5ec20af7ea039808b1e1 19476 net optional wireshark_3.0.3-1_source.buildinfo